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GCR Follow-Up on Double Revenge Case Blackwater/Miller

Unfortunately, the Bakersfield Incident had to be reviewed for a third time. After the environmental and financial implications were discussed in depth with Winston Miller and Joschua Gewindeberg, here is Syd Sorge on the life must go on aspect.
Q: „Garvey County Radio, Good Morning. On the Nuclear Conspiracy welcome Syd Sorge. Oil Wells, National Parks, and Nuclear Waste Dumps - we know SS, as he is being called among professionals as the big figure for extinguishing big fires. Yet this time it is a rather small fire in his home county but with a big context. Apparently as a revenge against yesterday's Morning Splash content reporting on the Blackwater assault against the Miller family in revenge for his comments on the Bakersfield Incident, there was an arson attack on Winston Miller's home. Whereas apparently relates to the suspected motive, not to the obvious perpetrators and evident incident. Mr. Sorge, please give us the briefing."

A: „Syd Sorge with a Bad News Wakeup: Fire. The good news: It is already under control. This night there was an arson attack targeting a family home here. The arsonist put fire to a wood stash behind the home. The attempt was made without fossil fuel, using a newspaper and small pieces of the stored firewood which was found in dry condition. The inhabitants of the home were able to extinguish the fire in an early stage using rainwater stored nearby according to wood storage safety regulations in drought affected forest areas. The arsonist was not seen."

Q: „How do we know it is not petty crime but a conspiracy instead?"

A: „When we received the notification and reviewed the fire, it was found that the incendiary used was an old Italian newspaper carried to the compound by the arsonist. From what could be reconstructed without obtaining an archival copy, it turned out that it contained a report about a mayor of a mountain village living off urban exports of drinkable water having lost a lawsuit against corporate harvesting of the area's old growth trees, and handwritten threats next to it alluding to likewise experiences."

Q: „Are you saying that this is actually a death threat against old growth trees suggesting they were to burn next?"

A: „People do not throw around antics for nothing, only when it means something to them. And there is noting that would support the assumption that it was merely the random choice from a wider set of equal options. If it had been yesterday's local paper, or anything which you might be likely to assume at least one copy of where it is not pre-selected, then it might be different. But we get to that later. It is child-like easy to start a fire there, the place is protected by the privacy of its location, there are a great many homes fitting into both these categories. The arsonist got away as expected. The fire was immediately extinguished with the proper prerequisites. The damage is insignificant like most neighbourhood feuds. But Miller called me in for a review, due to the escalation potential contained in the case."

Q: „Smells like the words of General Cloudy, who said if you make it appear like adolescents misbehaving with a bureaucratic earmark then you can start a military coup before anyone can say grow up."

A: „Sounds like the man commanded a flame thrower unit. With the suitable incendiary you can always extend an arson to a dangerous scale before anyone may get ready to fight the fire. This is why courts are so so interested in detailed information on incendiaries, and officers might want to forward the mushroom frying oil in your bag to a laboratory when they feel a bad temptation. But in this case the incendiary was thin dry paper, which is sufficient to burn dry wood on the first attempt when administered accordingly. The printed content thereof is only of collateral relevance of course, but so is the arson in the case."

Q: „What else did you find?"

A: „According to Miller, the attacker did not only leave but also take something. The arsonist took three legacy food conserves that had been put out next to the waste bin as a honey pot for looters. Whereas honey pot is not literal, because they were vegan. But the stuff had been stored and passed on in his family and got so old and tasteless that it came close to an imaginary but real border line between usable and trash material. So Miller put it out on the shelf next to the bin, such as in the song about the hungry beggar tested with a huge pot of cabbage. It was there for any natural person so deeply in need that they would want to take it for free, but when a contractor conspiracy takes it that is organised crime. Just think it could resurface in places where its ways might cause irritations. We must assume that they took it not only to affirm their cover as a beggar diving the bins but to turn it into a bargaining chip."

Q: „How likely is it for someone who tasted these old conserves to be so angry that they would come back for revenge. Are the cucumbers not sour enough?"

A: „Exactly. If he had put out Italian food conserves in the immigrant ghetto maybe, but that is just off the mark. They were absolutely domestic. The old newspaper that resurfaced here might have been taken away by the evildoer elsewhere where it had a meaningful context. We can only guess. It will be investigated for fingerprints of course, and research is going to be done about the extra content that got burned. But without additional information on the case there is no reliable data which weight this piece of evidence actually has. All we know is that the arsonist apparently wanted the old growth trees page to burn last, when either no one would be there, or everyone there so busy that they have closer issues to worry about. And Miller botched that for them, so much we know."

Q: „Congratulations at least. So what does a fire fighter have to say about organised crime?"

A: „Organised crime is a risk that might become relevant to you when you work on solving issues bigger than yourself. Many people might benefit from your results, the crime organisers do not like this, you are getting attacked not merely to misfit you but to harm these that could benefit. This form of organised crime is a blanket attack against everyone appropriately following your path. It is like a carpet bombing which you might mistake for a single shot because you happen to be the first one in the formation. Oh, you should listen to what our crisis teams have to say on it on the level of deep meaning interpretation. Or, maybe not, just think for yourself what I said about the carpet bomb and let the crisis teams rest for when they are needed. They hit you once, you are getting backed up, but since your backup is beyond the enforced context, they cannot hit there, you are getting hit once again. Look kid, occasionally people happen to ask me with a serious face why they are being called thugs."

Q: „We have not invited Miller again because it would get centred around his feelings, but did he have something to relay on it?"

A: „Absolutely. He told me in a stern voice, hey you guy, you got into my house through the window, if you want to meet me, here is another window, get out the same way at once, and learn to ring my bell like a honourable being. Innocent or with a true reason. Exclamation mark. You could virtually see the powerful larger than life exclamation mark vibrating in the air between us for a moment, so resolute he was. Then he took a sharp breath and said in friendly voice: Except that you are a mandated fire fighter I invited because I need to know. He went on looking around the details I already mentioned among others and reassured me thrice that I may pass on the exclamation mark with due context. But I spare your listeners of carving it into the air waves, earth fibres and satellite orbits. I told him maybe he should print his sign 'Entry only without official permission' in bigger letters so even these who forgot their glasses will be able to read them."

Q: „Thank you very much."

A: „Glasses are relevant to us because thanks God I don't need any so I can be a fireman. In addition to that some lenses under some circumstances might be a cause of fire. I have by the way very very successfully worked with the Gewindeberg system to eradicate optical micro flame thrower abuse in Asia. I suspect though there are some people who would not want to understand even when they could read. And of course I would like Miller to extend his fire handling experience and do more. Let me tell you one more basic thing on our profession to which many victims prefer the dark glasses of prescribed opt-out ignorance. What is the difference between a fire fighter and a doctor? Not the colour. Only with the heart you can really see good. The fire fighter may happen to put your life at risk, but together with his own. The doctor's life practically always is out of risk when it risks yours."

Q: „You want more of us to think of themselves, or more precisely ourselves like this."

A: „We get aware that we risk our lives in case we go in. But I may do so if it could be worth it and and successful. Let me talk of another basic conviction the two of us hold together. Any human society is inhumane as long as it contains prisons. Prisons are a lame workaround to avoid making a choice whether a culprit has deserved death or a sermon to go. If you cannot choose on many cases, then your society is badly organised and ought to be better prepared soon. If it is true what the climate change proof historians say, that the trade towers fire was the reichs tag fire of the twenty first century, then members of parliaments ought to commit honour suicide if they cannot get out of what they got into. Nobody is to be castigated for getting out with empty hands, that is how it is when the building literally is on fire. And it is fully self-referential and self-sustaining as a meme living off the fact that parliaments can vote to abolish prisons by political will."

Q: „This is not a joke. I and I may burn down the Rural Park and not get locked up."

A: „Hey boy, consider the burn that the backpack rocket you will need to get out of there before you get cremated alive by it may leave on your behinds if you are not so well practised with their guidance. A forest fire once it is beyond present extinction capacity can be quicker than a bike, even quicker than a car avoiding to hit any trees. And if you want to learn how to control blow-back damage against yourself then you can as well explain to me why flames coming out of there would be such great art. By the way, it is only being called rural park in order for these people to sue you in case you leave behind empty glass bottles for others to pick up as you may be used to from the urban park. In case you like to play with fire keep it in extinction check and it will not be my cup of tea."

Q: „From the extinction of fires to the extinction of prisons."

A: „From the extinction of catastrophic fires to the extinction of catastrophic architecture. Some people are appearing to think the major indicator for the well-being of a society was the average life expectancy, but the prison population percentage is much more significant and, worst of all, only becoming visible in the former parameter when it is too late. When we arrive, the paperwork-assured life expectancy of your house is one thing but how far the fire has already got there is a completely different thing. The conservation aspect in the choice of extinction means is another, to get the three legs of the first aid stool together. I am glad Miller did not bother to call me in over a minor trace of organised crime. This is what everyone must have learned out of Bakersfield."

Q: „Please give our listeners your conclusion on the incident."

A: „This sort of drivers existed before the nuclear age. Back then they delivered huge amounts of conventional explosives to oil wells where fire got out of check. The kind of people who would stare into a solar eclipse and risk ending up as a crater. The other category of victims. The nerves in the eyeball are being called a skin for a reason, because you can see the solar eclipse with your skin, just like a tame fire. Now at Bakersfield you see a case of a death candidate who had a second thought. They are being seduced to work with inadequate means only kept together by the obsolete writing on them. He gave himself a honourable discharge, not a disgraceful one. If I were one of them, I might do the same before a frustrated colleague surprises everyone by driving one into a vacation jam."

Q: „Hey guy, don't take that job, not even when your wife wants you to bring home the money."

A: „A nuclear reactor is not like a fire extinction vehicle that can be fixed by a trained repair worker with a precision hammer in cause everyone around is busy with their own landslide and the grid not available. Not even the transport containers for the spent fuel rods are. I guess it is because these morons do not want us to develop universal methods of handling items on the border of usability and the fringes of recycling capacities, because they fear if we did then we are also going to teach them what to do with theirs, and they would appear as pathetic as they are. In their distorted expectations we shall never develop above auctioning off and purchasing used stuff for money, with them fake bidding in our necks, and what is below average exploitation capacity is discarded like the small branches of thick trees cut for short-sighted profit, except that no one ever gets to see it again."

Q: „There are more household items between for sale and for the bin than our schools taught us. Why Italian?"

A: „It could be many reasons. So let's pick a sample. It could be that Blackwater is being paid against Miller by the nuclear conspiracy to cover up the Bakersfield incident. In Europe, the nuclear industry is resentful over being called 'nuclear mafia.' That is a household name of a criminal racket in Southern Italy which was deprived of its former kingpin role as a robber baron along the African pilgrim route to Europe by the European Union and the Catholic Church. In the old days 'Mafia' was why Africans used paper boats that could be discarded upon arrival, in order not to lose any investment to its so-called rescue efforts against them. We could as well be talking of nuclear piracy, that would put the focus on the pattern of behaviour instead of the structure of the peer group."

Q: „You mean those bad-ass fathers hiding behind Italo-American merchandise icons in their offspring?"

A: „I like to remind you that I am not here for handling rumours. There is no confirmation that the truck involved in the incident would have had a photo-op of a nude girl riding a missile in the cockpit. But Rome is a lame duck. Their books close with detailed descriptions of arbitrary travel restrictions in the Mediterranean Sea imposed by the pre-Christian Roman empire. Without official piracy, these pilgrims would travel on good boats firmly protected against the risks of these waters. The only thing that is even more horrifying than the Mediterranean death toll is the unscrupulousness with which the senior institution, which after all alleges to carry a serious claim of succession of Apostolic will, allows its judgement to be compromised by getting involved in re-packaging piracy as rescue effort. I repeat: If I were to start the fires I am there to extinguish then I would draw the fire of criticism, will I?"

Q: „Se-he-he-he-he-he-he-he-du-u-u-u-u-u-ctionnn."

A: „Moral equivalence or worse. Or worse. And it is fully self-referential and self-sustaining as a meme living off the fact that the research on the border lines of usability Miller did can also be applied to blackwater. And like with nuclear reactors it recommends to avoid putting the ingredients together. Blackwater cannot be recommended for fire extinction if the fire place is to be used again, either as a fireplace or, in case the fire was unintended or unsolicited, as whatever it was before. And even when it can then only if both the fire and the amount of waste water are small enough to be timely absorbed and the soil's decomposition layer is big enough to do so. There are probate ways of avoidance and reuse, in that order, whereas avoidance means both amount and mixture. Besides the carbon conservation issue it is much more elegant to just let the fire die down from lack of fuel precisely when the black tea water gets ready."

Q: „Wait a minute."

A: „Hahaha. As you certainly are fully aware, the opposite of black water is white powder. I am talking about fire extinguishers. The red pneumatic devices in the buildings drawn into the emergency maps on the walls. In this case the client was capable to distinguish between a wood fire and an electricity meltdown. In order to handle fire extinguishers, you need to know into which situations they belong and which not, or else the use of the devices may cause more damage than the fire they are purportedly being employed against. On this level, black and white are the same again. For your education I can report to you that Miller showed me an industrial fire extinguisher installed next to the electricity system, which is pretty smart because you do not want to put water on there if it burns, but stop the fire with means that do not cause further damage to the electrical circuit. So your minute is over, here is a set of different extinction tools ready for use."

Q: „Last question on the Blackwater/Miller case. At which extra risk are the old growths there by the toxic assault?"

A: „Putting death threats on trees is not a light offence. After all you have to physically get out there and put the death mark upon them. That is why it is professionally recommended to use old material which has served its primary purpose beyond life expectancy for such markers. When we see them made of fresh material deliberately purchased for the purpose it indicates that death is much too far in the front of the supply chain. It belongs to its very back. Miller told me that he had found death threats against old growths in the area before and took the arson as an escalation thereof. The death threats against the rare old growth trees of high conservation value not all small landowners might be fully aware of with absolute certainty have not been pronounced out of innocent hunger. They are displaying the fingerprints of someone who has tremendous time and capacities available to bring about collateral appearances of pin prick attacks. Miller complains that the nuclear threats against his person are a danger for the health condition of his relatives. As long as these thugs cannot kill people they are killing trees instead. Everyone can notice but no one dares to mention. That's why."

Q: „Garvey County Radio, Blackwater/Miller Case Closed."

address: address: Tuesday, Mar 28th 2017