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Let's face it - Geral practically owns this forum

Many of us see his posts and wonder why and how?
This man has found a friend in Indymedia. Where else can someone publish basically the same thing hundreds of times? Can anyone make posts about their former employer, several times a week for months? Do the publishing rules apply to Geral? Anyway, seeing his "new" posts almost daily is sad and discourages people (especially young adults) from contributing. Maybe Geral is a sophisticated bot? How about adding captcha?

Not news, and not censured 29.Mar.2017 09:38


Once a compost folder is created for 2017 (by the all-volunteer indy techs) the repeated posts will be filtered from the front page newswire, yet still have a presence in the compost folder.

and I have a bit of sympathy 30.Mar.2017 07:23

Mike Novack

Because we have an acquaintance also being persecuted by the FBI. She remains friends with us, because although we are ALSO among the FBI agents keeping constant watch on her, we are nice ones, always willing to help her out when she asks. Unlike all those agents disguised as "street people" and metal health professionals.

If like us, you know somebody who is being persecuted by the FBI in THIS way, you too might also be sympathetic with Geral and his problem.

I hope all reading this understand what I am saying.

makes some sense 30.Mar.2017 09:36

twiddle sticks

ya need to read between the lines to grip what mike is sayin

You're a good man 30.Mar.2017 18:11


You're a good man, Mike Novack.