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Reason For Deletion Of Murder-Charged WA Landlord?

provide the reason for why you deleted that story from PDX IMC newswire.

he shot and killed a homeless person who "occupied" one of his residences (state of Washington).

corporate news gets enough attention 09.Apr.2017 17:30


Because it was a CBS corporate news re-post. When the PIMC compost 2017 folder gets created it will appear there. Not saying the issue in that article isn't newsworthy, but it was not a report or an article coming from your own words, but rather those of a CBS corporate media reporter.

Newswire posts should be a resource to use in order to share your local news and first hand experiences.
[...] right to hide posts that: #11. are reposted from corporate media outlets.

Yeah ^ that's not a good enough explanation. 10.Apr.2017 23:50


I've posted on this newswire for 17 years,
and not only reposts that I have passed along but those of many others are occasionally sourced from corporate mass media outlets, including those of local-regional import.

( I already had pointed this out in a previous news story which was questioned a few months ago, here on Newswire )

I'm well aware of the sourcing of a corporate news story, and not in every case simply because of a repost's source at a corporate outlet does that automatically 'disqualify' it from. Some stories do in fact have an activist relevance due to their topic. This one in question, moreso in particular due to its relative locality in Cascadia. (And the story in question was merely the latest reportage concerning the murder charge itself, in a case which has had many local Washington and Oregon media outlets reporting upon it since the shooting occurred.)

Your boilerplate 09.Apr.2017 17:30 'explanation' with URL to the policy page is hollow and meaningless (not simply because I'm already well and long ago familiar with that page and PDX IMC's policy).

There are many reposts on the current newswire which do share the characteristic of a corporate mass media source link.

In any case the topic of this story: A landlord who has been charged with first degree murder of a homeless person,
is entirely appropriate for the mission of Indymedia and Cascadia activism in general.

( if in fact, Portland Indymedia and associated activists do indeed concern themselves with plight of homeless as claimed )

Moved it back to newswire 12.Apr.2017 20:33

workerbee pdx-imc@resist.ca

Although I disagree w/ your hollow & meaningless assumption I personally do honestly feel as I mentioned, that the "issue in that article is newsworthy". Until there is a PIMC Compost Folder for 2017 then I do feel like your article should have some presence. Therefore the article has been moved back to the newswire for now. The article is here:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2017/04/434569.shtml

In my opinion if PIMC starts re-posting all the "good" stories (that do align with indymedia) straight "copy/paste" from corporate media we could fill up the newswire with corporate droned messages from every big "paid for news agency".

In my many years around indymedia, and speaking for myself, I always liked the old saying "Fuck Corporate Media". Also to clear up any misconceptions, Portland Indymedia and associated activists do indeed concern themselves with plight of homeless, nothing has changed in that realm.

Where does Portland Indy Media meet? 13.Apr.2017 18:59


Still wondering if there is an actual real world presence of the Portland Indy Media collective. Where they meet, are there any real people?

response to 'Moved' 13.Apr.2017 19:52


I absolutely agree that the Newswire should _not_ at all be diluted (or 'polluted') with corporate media reposts.

appreciate your reconsideration.

My primary concern in calling this one to your collective attention,
was the 'by rote' manner in which that story was initially deleted (as indicated in my ^^previous post, seemingly without regard even to the actual topic of the story itself which imho is often the main reason for an otherwise unpreferable corp media-sourced repost to this wire)

i.e. just because the source link happened to be corp media: automatic on-sight deletion.

I believe that a certain (minimal) amount of discretion should be exercised with this.

thanks again for looking at this another way.

Please not another Facebook website 14.Apr.2017 14:49

Perfect World

be careful that indymedia doesn't morph into a facebook style of reposting mainstream articles & links - - ideally it could / should be more of a 'first handed news reporting that is primarily focused on local (Cascadia area) issues with who, what, when and where type of coverage - - and written / filmed (relayed) using your own words - - ideally PIMC should be more like "street reporting" and not armchair reporting / repeating of someone's previously written material.

"not another Facebook" - 14.Apr.2017 18:41


yes your concerns are shared with mine.

Agreed that most Newswire posts should consist of original reporting.

however the 'repost' category is still part and parcel, of Indymedia's format.

Additionally, reposting of material from any (not just corporate) source should not be
at least not to the degree that the original information/piece is obfuscated beyond recognition; if the piece is "good enough" (?)/ worthwhile to repost on PDX IMC then it should be left alone, to stand on its own with proper attribution and sourcing.

Understood that you want "street" reporting (not "armchair"). My experience here on PDX IMC and elsewhere on the internet has shown that most posters do not have the literary or writing skills to transform or editorialize consistently on-with material from other sources. It gets confusing, and even disinformationalist, from here.

(Further, this behavior of 'rehashed/revised repost' is a common tactic of internet trolls, i.e. posting an article which has been altered or improperly-incompletely sourced)

Hence my preference and recommendation that, if one does repost some item to the newswire (corporate or otherwise), please have the courtesy to not only post it intact but also with complete source link and original author attribution.

Additions / addendum(s) by the poster themselves, or readers, can be made in the comments. (or, in the original poster's article summary)

citizen 15.Apr.2017 10:59

workerbee3 pdx-imc@resist.ca

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