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(video) Trump supporter beaten with skateboard at Berkeley rally

several black-clad agitators isolate a lone Trump supporter and pummel him with fists and feet. someone then jumps in and clubs him with a skateboard.

homepage: homepage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d31ro8cBpfk

At This Point, What Difference Does It Make? 17.Apr.2017 16:55


You think the feudal Lord Trump is any bit different than Obama?

Ya think?

Get strategic hedge simple score voting already!

Idiot Democrat?

what I find mildly amusing 17.Apr.2017 18:02


is how Antifa (somehow?...) infers that the 'strategy' of beating the **** out of Trump supporters is either going to 1) pay off or, 2) benefit the 'movement' and/or future of Antifa.

I mean sure, I understand Antifa's obsession with "Nazis" / WNs (even if my personal opinion is that Antifa's energies might ? be far better spent, directed elsewhere); but the typical Trump supporter is not at all endeared to Antifa by such actions, and furthermore may provoke violent backlash in kind -- and worse -- down the line from typical Trump supporters. i.e. typical firearm owners.

but [shrug] who the **** am I to advise Antifa / make suggestions to them about strategy

Blurry Lines & Info 18.Apr.2017 18:47

CrissCross Opinion

Antifa is out to stop white supremacist / WN.
If a Trump supporter is a WN then there is a good chance the "Trump supporter" might get in the crosshairs of the antifacist movement. When articles or videos paint with a broad brush then the details and the lines get blurry. I'm not a Antifa member, so I can't speak for them, but I don't think being a "Trump supporter" automatically puts you on their list of bad peoples who need a nazi-punch or a skateboard. If that's how it looks in the surface I suggest digging deeper into the story to really sort out what happened.

"If that's how it looks in the surface" you then may be the 1 in need of 18.Apr.2017 23:20


"digging deeper"....

Lot of discussion, right now on many right-leaning (not at all WN or "nazi") websites,
that the recent 'high profile' Antifa street actions, in Berkeley, Auburn (Alabama) and elsewhere are definitely 'pissing off' a lot of Trump supporters.

And that, yes the politically aware and discerning observers such as you and I, do in fact understand that just because an "alt right" celebrity shows up to speak on a college campus that obviously does not mean that everyone in attendance is by default a "nazi".

But the fact is, a lot of Trump supporters, particularly the younger-demographic let's say under-35-years of age Trump supporters, do in fact find persons such as Milo very much worthy of their attention and in concordance with their ideological views.

Therefore, even if only 10% or less of persons attending a Milo event on a college campus are actual card-carrying WNs / "nazis", the other 90% are merely garden variety right wingers or Trump supporters. And be assured, the latter do not appreciate being broad-brush targeted and/or otherwise "lumped in" with the "nazis"/WNs who are the primary object of Antifa's attention / "sucker punching".

These garden variety right-wingers and Trump supporters are pointedly discussing these aspects (of perceived Antifa 'targeting') amongst themselves, online, today post haste. Don't take my word for it, go right now to those (non-WN, non-"nazi", non-Stormfront) parts of the internet and observe for yourself.