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FILTHY PIGS - 2 GA Cops FIRED For Beating Black Motorist!

Two scumbag cops in Georgia have been sacked for their role in a vicious beating which left a Black motorist bloodied and bruised. This just goes to show you they never learn in GA. And they never will. An original klan state, racism is hard-coded into their very DNA!
This disgusting act of police terrorism occurred on Wednesday April 12th 2017. It happened in Gwinnett County, GA, which is part of the metro-Atlanta area. Demetrius Hollins, 21, was pulled over and beaten without any provocation by [now former Sgt.] Michael Bongiovanni and [now former ofc.] Robert McDonald. The two pigs are White, of course. In an interview given last Friday Hollins, whose face still shows clear abrasions, claims that he immediately exited his car with his hands up. This was when Bongiovanni approached and punched an already surrendering Hollins in the face. After Hollins is forced to the ground, pig Bongiovanni handcuffs him. It was at this point that pig McDonald runs up and stomps Hollins in the head. This unprovoked, cowardly assault happened even as the Black motorist is already on his stomach and handcuffed! In addition, Hollins was also tasered - again without provocation.

Hollins says that he had already recognized one of the cops from a prior false arrest. He attempted to get his cell phone out, but was attacked before he could get the camera function to work. Thankfully, the vicious police assault was captured by other motorists. Multiple videos appeared online right away, which lead directly to these two filthy-ass pigs being sacked on Thursday April 13th - less than 24 hours after the racial attack. And that's a good thing too. Because we all know that cops LIE, and this case was no different. Bongiovanni, who wrote up the incident report on Hollins' false arrest, basically LIED about everything that had happened. This includes lying about Hollins "resisting arrest" (a classic cop lie), failing to mention how Hollins ended up with a bloody nose and lip, and failing to mention McDanold's role in the assault as well. In fact, Bongiovanni's report has almost no resemblance to the video footage. This just further proves that these bastard-ass pigs will cover for each other, whenever they brutalize and murder innocent citizens!

Hollins had initially faced multiple trumped up charges including obstruction of a law enforcement officer, driving without a license plate, not using a turn signal, and possession of less than an once of marijuana. ALL of these charges have since been dropped. But the two pigs who assaulted Hollins are themselves facing a criminal investigation. And according to reports, the police dept. in Gwinnett County has also dismissed 89 unrelated criminal cases to which Dongiovanni and McDonald were either principal officers or direct witnesses.

homepage: homepage: http://officerdowntp.blogspot.com/2017/04/filthy-pigs-2-ga-cops-fired-for-beating.html

guess what, these 2 JBTs are being excoriated on right wing sites 17.Apr.2017 23:36


no sympathy there, here or from me for thugs who should be serving time for crime.

(yes that's correct: right wingers don't like these cops either)