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Ugly Pig Shelby Gets Away With Murder!

Well, can't say I was surprised. In fact, I said as much in my last post about this case; that even if convicted, the fucking piece of garbage would likely get no more than a few years in prison. A few measly years... for a man's life. A father. A brother. Someone's homeboy. Yet still, even this tiny penance of justice is denied. I sincerely hope that Tulsa is burning at the time I write this. Nothing less will do!
On Wednesday May 17th 2017, ex-cop Betty Jo Shelby beat the manslaughter charge she had been facing, for the Sept. 2016 murder of Terence Crutcher. A jury of all-Whites had reportedly deliberated for 8 hours, before deciding their verdict. Now this fat disgusting pig gets to walk free, and yet another innocent Black man is dead for nothing. Just forget about the fact that Crutcher was a stranded motorist in need of assistance. Forget the fact that he was never armed, never resisting, and never the least bit threatening. And just forget all about that footage (from a police helicopter, no damned less) that clearly showed Crutcher walking away from Shelby and other cops, with his hands up in the air. Forget about all these facts because fuck it - in this post-Trump era facts don't mean a goddamned thing. Especially in a court of [supposed] law.

I suppose now that the victim's family will file a wrongful death civil suit against the city of Tulsa and its murderous, racist police regime. Does it really even matter at this point???

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Trump's Racist Army 27.May.2017 04:23


It should be beyond obvious by now that Trump is guilty of TREASON! He's summoned his legion of white thugs to spread terrorism everywhere. Whether it's acts of murder or polluting PIMC. It's about damned time we fight back!

fascists calling themselves anti fascist 28.May.2017 12:42


this was predicted a century ago.

disagree with me and we assault you with bike locks and other deadly weapons.

violence to promote your own political view is the very definition of fascism. Look it up idiot.