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(Kathy Griffin) When Will A U.S. Celebrity Sacrifice Their Career For 9/11?

so Americans are abuzz about multimillionaire comedian Kathy Griffin's 'deplorable' photo shoot of DT's severed head.

Obviously, Griffin feels strongly enough about her politics (here purportedly concerning a 'right-wing' Chief Executive with whom she disagrees + finds to be anathema) to pull such a stunt. And it has already cost her several endorsements and paying media / live performance gigs. "You're Fired!" (in the parlance of our times...)

But when will the time arrive that a major U.S. celebrity puts their career on the line, for speaking the explicit truth about the events of September 11 2001?

( a far more worthy cause than "I rly, rly, rly, RLLL-LL-Y, hate Drumpf" )
and take the fall / pay the consequences for telling such truth about 9/11?

waiting on a 9/11 successor to Kathy Griffin - if anyone has the guts.