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Russia Conspiracy vs 9/11 Conspiracy: U.S. Corporate Mass Media

In our time, we've seen some massive canards and 'conspiracy theories' be promulgated, with no small help from U.S. corporate mass media.

One of the most lasting for example, is the perception/'knowledge; by millions of Americans (at one point a large majority) that former dictator of Iraq Saddam Hussein was connected to the 9/11 attacks. Propogated widely by key outlets of of U.S. corporate mass media. To this day, after the Secretary of State Powell lies to the UN General Assembly about "WMDs". But since the illegal invasion and military occupation of Iraq in Spring 2003 relatively closely followed the 11 September 2001 atrocities, it was a convenient (?... likely more than merely that) tie-in for the Bush Administration.

Yet any doubt of the official U.S. government explanation of 9/11 is still, years later, VERBOTEN from discussion or mention in corporate mass media.

Today (10 June 2017) we find that the 'Russia influenced election' conspiracy propogated by U.S. corporate mass media for the past ten months holds no water, after official testimony of corporate-lawyer-turned-FBI-director James Comey.
When will the actual events and U.S. government explanation of 11 September 2001,

be subject to such coverage and scrutiny as has been devoted to the flat-earther 'Russian meddling' by corporate mass media for almost the full past year?

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