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Black Cop Responds to Crime in Progress... SHOT by White Cop

Even if you're a cop yourself, being Black can still expose you to the ravages of racist police terrorism. A Black off-duty cop in St. Louis, MO attended the scene of an alleged crime near his home. For basically doing his job, he ended up being shot by another cop from the same force. The pig who shot him is White, duh. The White pig thought that the off-duty Black cop was a "fleeing suspect". This White pig also reportedly "feared for his life". Go fucking figure!
The Black cop was wounded in the arm and treated for his injury. The "friendly fire" incident occurred on Wednesday June 21st 2017, at around 10:00 at night. The Black cop and the White cop who shot him are both gang members of the St. Louis Police Gestapo (SLPG). In order to save the police regime [further] embarrassment, none of the officers involved have been identified. However, it has been confirmed that the Black cop is 38 years old, and has been with the St. Louis regime for 11 years. The White cop is 36 and has been with the regime for over eight years. Police were apparently giving chase to an alleged stolen car with three occupants inside. According to police reports/hearsay, suspects in the stolen vehicle fired a gun at officers. The car eventually crashed, and one suspect was shot in the ankle before being arrested. A second person, said to have been a juvenile, fled, but was later captured. A third person fled and remains at large. When the Black off-duty cop heard all the commotion near his home, he grabbed his service-issued weapon and ran towards to supposed action. Other White cops already at the scene spotted the Black cop approaching, and reflexively ordered him on the ground. When one cop recognized him as "one of their own", he told the Black cop to get up off the ground and "walk slowly towards them"... still cautious, huh? However, another White pig showed up, saw the Black cop (still in his plain cloths), immediately assumed he was a criminal, and shot him.

The Black cop was shot in the arm, but did not sustain grave injuries (how his psyche is holding up - that's another thing). He was treated at a local hospital and released.

Since there is no way for the St. Louis Police to spin their way out of this holy clusterfuck of their own making, the regime has opted to simply not release to identities of anyone involved in this incident, including the alleged suspects in the car chase. Additionally, only the most scant of details about what all occurred from that night have been made public. In fact, the only person that seems to have spoken out is the Black cop's attorney, Rufus Tate Jr. In a public statement, Tate said that the White cop's claim that he "feared for his life" was nonsense and that he (the White cop) was simply racist. Tate also added that, for his client - a Black professional in law enforcement - to be shot and treated like any Black guy on the street, is a real problem.

Mr. Tate certainly makes some great points. But hey, you reap what you sow, I guess. The St. Louis Terrorist Police regime is nothing but a nest of vipers. No accountability, no one to answer to, no trust, no loyalty, no ethics at all! Two cops who both belong to the same force, each has been there for years. And yet, one can't recognize the other?! Any Black person who works as a cop - whether it's in St. Louis or anywhere in this country - their lives are in danger! And that danger isn't posed from so-called "criminals". That danger comes from the very White pigs who where the same damned uniform! They don't have your back, you should know.

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This could be summarized as [another] "White cop Shoots Black Man"