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Get The Internationalist No. 48!

Get The Internationalist No. 48! Send US$1 to Mundial Publications, Box 3321 Church Street Station, New York, NY 10008 USA. Subscriptions $10.
The Internationalist No. 48
The Internationalist No. 48
In this issue

* Black America Under the Gun: Workers Revolution Will Avenge Philando Castile
* Portland Labor Mobilizes to Stop Fascist Provocation
* Movilización obrera en Portland para poner alto a una provocación fascista
* Introducing Permanente Revolution, German-Language Newspaper of the LFI
* Corbyn's Labour Party Surges, But "Welfare State" Capitalism Is Dead
* De Blasio Administration Complicit in Closing of B&H Warehouses
* NYC Protest Against Muslim-Bashing Rally
* Mobilize Telecom & All NYC-Area Labor to Win the Spectrum Strike
* How Do You Spell Class Collaboration? ISO
* Haitian Workers Brave Repression in Fight Against Starvation Wages
* Tri-National Protests Denounce U.S. Exclusion and Expulsion of Haitians
* It Will Take Hard Class Struggle to Defeat "Right to Work"
* Germany: Anti-Palestinian Witch Hunt Targets Leftist and Jewish Activists
* For the ICL, The Main Enemy Is in Brussels: Latter-Day Spartacists Call for "Italexit"
* L.A. "Sanctuary Clinic" Defends Immigrant Patients
* Protest Anti-Communist Witch Hunt in NYC School

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