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E.L.F. Communique calling for direct action against racism and white supremacists.
The time has come to fight back against the rising tide of white supremacy and neo-Nazism. This normalization of bigotry and fascism must end. The ELF demands that Trump and his bootlickers be legally removed from our government. No more Trump, no more Bannon, no more Gurka, no more Miller, etc., etc., etc.... Mr. Mueller, do your job. If you do not act swiftly to remove this cancer, the American people must then embrace this challenge. The ELLSWORTH AVENGERS will rise again!
The Ellsworth Avengers were originally founded in 1861 following the death of Colonel Elmer E. Ellsworth. He was the first conspicuous casualty that the Union Army suffered in America's Civil War. He was killed after cutting down the Confederate "Stars and Bars" flag from the rooftop of an Alexandria, Virginia inn. The flag was defiantly flying across the Potomac River in full view of the White House. Following the death of Elmer Ellsworth, President Lincoln, the "Great Emancipator", ordered that Colonel Ellsworth be posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor and to be laid in state within the East Wing of the Peoples' House.
Today, bigots and racists do their evil in the East Wing, West Wing and Oval Office. This will not stand. Indict and impeach this illegitimate Commie tool and his rabid lapdogs that defile and disgrace our White House. A second Civil War can be averted. If Mueller can't do his job, then the Ellsworth Avengers will

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