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'ECLIPSE HATE' Friday Rally.

Up-coming rally this Friday. Taking a stand against racist violence - on ALL sides. Honor the victims the Charlottesville terrorist attack. This Friday August 18th 2017 there is a scheduled rally in response to fascist terrorist violence in Charlottesville, VA that took place last weekend.
From Willamette Week:

Portland's Resistance is holding an "Eclipse Hate" rally one week after a car rammed into a crowd of counter-protesters, killing a woman and injuring 19 other people demonstrating against a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va.
The violence in Charlottesville erupted during an "alt-right" march attended by members of white supremacist organizations including the KKK, neo-Nazi groups and other far-right activists. The man behind the wheel of the gray Dodge that sped into a group of pedestrians has been identified as James Alex Fields, who attended the rally and was allegedly a neo-Nazi sympathizer. The U.S. Department of Justice is investigating the killing as an act of domestic terrorism.
Portland's Resistance, a left-wing protest movement that has concentrated on social justice and police reform along with decrying the policies of President Donald Trump, also called the attack by vehicle an act of "domestic terrorism by white supremacists" in a statement it released announcing its rally and march planned for Friday on the downtown waterfront.
For many, the violence in Charlottesville echoed the May attack in Portland by alt-right sympathizer Jeremy Christian, who stabbed three men on a MAX train after they defended two black teenagers, one of whom was wearing a hijab. Two of the men died.
"Just like Charlottesville, Portland has recently and historically faced
tragedy at the hands of white supremacy," Portland's Resistance said in a statement. "We stand against the division and destruction that festering racism brings both here and across the country. We will not tolerate hate in our city."

White Supremacists (KKK, Neo-Nazis, Proud boys, Confederates, Militia, Men's Rights clowns, Alt-Reich stooges, etc.) are planning marches in several major cities this weekend. Portland is rumored to be one of them. Politicians are completely useless, if not actively part of the problem. Police stand in formation and do nothing but collect OT, in full view of fascist assaults. Time to take serious action against racist terrorism. As events in VA last weekend and MAX murders in May have proven, our lives are LITERALLY on the line! Will you lay down and die like some democrat liberal coward? Or will you DO something? We are at war, and casualties have already been claimed.

homepage: homepage: http://www.wweek.com/news/2017/08/14/portlands-resistance-plans-to-eclipse-hate-at-friday-rally-in-response-to-white-power-violence-in-virginia/

More info. 15.Aug.2017 21:59


Here's another link to Friday's action which should provide more info.

Local Nazi Threat 16.Aug.2017 04:00


This past weekend's terrorist attack in VA is disturbingly reminiscent of of a similar racial murder which took place in Gresham just last year. In August 2016, Larnell Malik Bruce was run down and murdered outside a 7-11 store. The murderer is Russell Courtier - a member of European Kindred (EK) and Neo-Nazi violent convicted felon. EK is a Nazi prison gang founded within the Oregon prison system in 1998. Recent MAX terrorist killer Joseph Jeremy Christian also had ties to EK, while behind bars himself. THIS is what we're dealing with. The threat is already here.

cop lover alert 16.Aug.2017 08:07


It looks like the Pro-Cop lover chimed in

Another link to EH event 16.Aug.2017 21:06


I noticed that the PDXActivist link I posted earlier is ineffective. So I'm posting to the facebook event page as well.

wtf 16.Aug.2017 22:40

sorry 2 say

That link must be gone too

WW article stated 16.Aug.2017 22:43


The rally and march will begin at the Salmon Street Springs at 5:30 p.m. Friday evening.

 link to www.wweek.com

Thank you 17.Aug.2017 04:18


Somehow, hyperlinks aren't properly working, but you can find out what you need from WW article. Here are basic stats:

Eclipse Hate: Solidarity with Charlottesville
Friday, August 18, 2017 from 5:30-8pm


On Friday August 18th Portland's Resistance will be holding a non-violent rally and march in solidarity with the community of Charlottesville, Virginia after last week's tragedies.

There will be speakers, collaborative banner making, and a strong showing of community. Just like Charlottesville, Portland has recently and historically faced tragedy at the hands of white supremacy. We've seen the destruction that it brings both here and across the country. We will not tolerate hate in our city.

We must stand against the rise of fascism and empower marginalized communities. This is Donald's Trumps America. Is it yours? If not, join us to stand against hate. Let's show the millions of people coming to Portland this weekend what we stand for.

You can also go to PDXActivist or look up the fb event page. Plus, a shout out was mentioned on KBOO yesterday morning.

16.Aug.2017 08:07: "It looks like the Pro-Cop lover chimed in" 17.Aug.2017 22:21


? please identify the

[QUOTE:] " Pro-Cop lover "

( whatever that means.... )

police shouldn't exist and their departments should be dissolved.

furthermore 'police' don't do anything.

Anyone here can describe or document/prove, what police actually "do" or accomplish either for the average person, or society at large? Besides drive around in armed cars while wearing little jackboot uniforms, that is?

Police never 'solve' crimes. They throw people into prisons and ('corrections officers') are charged with keeping them there. Police = Dragnet / 'officer friendly' etc. ? Police only enforce "public safety", protection or rights on behalf of the most elite, wealthy and powerful in society. The rest of us can burn as far as police are 'concerned'.

**** the police.

The poster of this article thread, screen name 'OD', however is a violent, racist and misogynist provocateur on Portland Indymedia who needs to be erased from the internet :


Surprise, surprise. 18.Aug.2017 02:13


Looks like the pro-cop scum have chimed in. Not at all surprised.