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Charlottesville: More Hate Crimes, Heroism, And Dirty Cops

One week ago today, roving gangs of White supremacist criminal thugs descended upon Charlottseville, VA. Their aim was to protest the planned removal of a statue dedicated to Confederate piece-of-shit Robert E. Lee. They also called for an "ethno-White state", insisting that America was "for Whites, only". The so-called 'Unite the Right' rally was largely led by Neo-Nazi gang Vanguard America. The organizing and pre-planning was largely online and spear-headed by White trash sewer dump The Daily Stormer.
As I reported earlier in the week, the Alt-Reich, Trump-approved event began with a tiki-torch-led march reminiscent of nostalgic KKK rallies and Nazi, Germany on Friday night. And it ended the following Saturday evening with a terrorist attack which left one person dead and 19 others injured. The rabid animal responsible for the attack is James Alex Fields Jr. - a 20 year old little shit stain, army dropout, and trust fund brat, with massive boner for Adolf Hitler. More on him later, but first I want to bring attention to some other stories that came out of Charlottesville last week.

Saturday afternoon August 12th - a 20 year old Black male was savagely beaten by several Neo-Nazi animals who were part of Alt-Reich rallies that weekend. The victim has been identified as Deandre Harris, an instructional assistant at one of the local high schools. The violent hate crime took place in a parking garage. Harris had attended counter-demonstrations earlier, but was leaving as things [seemed] to have died down. Harris was heading to his car when he followed, surrounded, and attacked by a gang of four to five White savages. Harris' friends, who were near by, ran to his rescue, and chased off the rabid animals. In an interview with The Root, Harris says that had it not been for his friends rushing to his aid, he would most likely have been killed.

A photo capturing the racist attack has circulated widely, going very viral. The parking garage where the cowardly hate crime took place just happens to be adjacent right next to a police station. Yet, no cops came to help Harris. Throughout that weekend, cops remained as useless as could possibly be. And even when a young Black man is savagely beaten by a pack of filthy animals RIGHT NEXT to a police station, cops do nothing! Harris sustained a broken wrist and a deep gash in his head that required eight staples to close. His mother is considering filing suit against the city for negligence. Meanwhile, concerned citizens are busy doing the job cops should be doing: FINDING THE CRIMINALS. At least one of the animals has been identified already. His name is Daniel "Dan" Borden. There is photo evidence of him wearing a plaid shirt, white construction hat, and carrying what appears to be a wooden stick. There is also further evidence of him - photos lifted from his [now deleted] Facebook page, which confirm his identity. As of the writing of this entry, Borden has been named by police as a "person of interest". However, the animal has not [yet] been arrested, nor charged with any crime. Both Harris and his attorney, Lee Merritt, has expressed frustration that no arrest warrants have been issued, almost a week after the assault/attempted murder on Harris. [Once again] it looks like it's going to take immense public pressure just to get these pigs to do their goddamned job!
should Borden or any of the other criminal Nazi thugs ever be brought to justice, they should be KILLED. These savages are beyond reform. They should simply be put down, as one would a rabid dog. Just kill them and save tax-payers money.

Meanwhile, several swift arrests have been made in connection to the heroic toppling of a Confederate statue in Durham, NC that took place Monday night August 14th. That didn't take long at all, but the mongrels who nearly beat a young Black man to death in Charlottesville remain fugitives. Most of them haven't even been identified. It's pretty goddamned clear where police priorities lay.

At least one other Black man was almost killed that day. Marcus Martin was also among the antifascist counter-protesters, along with his fiancee Marissa Blair, 27. Martin was one of the 19 survivors of last Saturday's terrorist attack. Blair was not harmed, but she was a personal friend of Heather Heyer, the one person who died in the attack. As that car came barreling down a street full of people, Martin's quick wits told him what was happening. He pushed his fiancee out of harm's way just in time, placing himself in the direct path of the speeding car-turned-weapon. A photographer captured the split second moment in which Martin - as well as other innocent people - were sent flying into the air as they were hit. Terrorist Nazi James Fields then set the Dodge Challenger in reverse and drove at top speed, running over Martin in the process. Martin survived, but sustained a broken left leg. He is a TRUE HERO, in every literal since of the word!

I'm just surprised cops didn't arrest him for "obstructing a vehicle". Such cruelty certainly isn't beyond cops.

And speaking of police cruelty, the sheer level of inhumanity cops are capable of... it never ceases to amaze me. A Springfield, MA pig is in hot water after posting sadistic comments on Facebook, mocking the victims of the Charllotesville terrorist attack. Officer Conrad Lariviere, a gang member of the Springfield Police Gestapo (SPG), made his disgusting comments Sunday, the day after the Nazi terrorist attack. Since then, thousands of citizens have signed a petition demanding the filthy pig be sacked. GOOD! The mayor of Springfield has since issued the compulsory statement condemning Lariviere's vile comments. And the chief of Springfield's police regime claimed that an investigation would be underway. What for? The pig said what he said, it's obvious. And even though Lariviere has deleted the comments and issued an apology (because his sorry White ass got busted), screenshots of the Facebook posts are still easily accessible. The Facebook page is his, those posts are his, the Springfield mayor and police chief have both confirmed this, the bastard himself admitted what he did. So, what else is an "investigation" supposed to turn up, huh? Thousands of public citizens have already demanded his removal. Either FIRE the son-of-a-bitch, or not.

This only [further] demonstrates whose side cops are truly on. Criminal White nationalist thugs parade through the streets chanting racist and antisemitic slogans - cops do NOTHING. A pack of Nazi savages beat a man nearly to death - just mere feet away from a police station - cops do NOTHING. A terrorist Nazi animal uses his car as a deadly weapon - cops do NOTHING! About the only thing these worthless pigs do (besides standing around collecting OT), is get on social media and congratulate the savages who caused such mayhem.

Police are the problem. White supremacists are the problem. The only goddamned difference between the two - is the color of their uniforms.

homepage: homepage: http://officerdowntp.blogspot.com/2017/08/charlottesville-more-hate-crimes.html

Petition To Sack Officer Lariviere 18.Aug.2017 03:00


If anyone is interested in signing an online petition to have officer Conrad Lariviere FIRED from the Springfield, MA police regime, here's a link to it. This hasn't a damned thing to do with free speech. Cops who gleefully express support for terrorist criminals who commit murder are themselves a menace to the public, and are not fit for their job!