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Woman Strip-Searched/RAPED on Roadside by Sick Pigs!

Let's just admit that the so-called "war on drugs" is really just a war on People of Color and the lower classes. It's nothing more than an excuse for the police-state to run wild with human rights abuses (up to and including kidnapping, torture, state-sanctioned murder, rape, false imprisonment, and theft). This false war also propagates a multi-billion dollar prison-industrial matrix which profits off human misery. This, combined with the racism and misogyny of most cops, has resulted in a living nightmare for one Texas motorist.
Charnesia Corley, a Black female driver, was pulled over by two Harris county sheriffs in Houston for allegedly "running a stop sign". Then, claiming to have "smelled marijuana", the sheriffs forced Corley out of her vehicle, handcuffed her, and search her vagina for weed. This torture and rape took place for 11 minutes, as the victim was stripped naked below the waist in a Texaco parking lot. The two pigs responsible are Harris Co. deputies Ronaldine Pierre and William Strong. The sexual assault actually occurred in June 2015, but came to light only recently after Corley's attorney, Sam Cammack, released dash-cam video to the public. Cammack released the video shortly after Pierre and Strong had been cleared of wrong-doing by and all-White TX grand jury on August 4th 2017. Now that the two filthy pigs have gotten away with kidnapping, threatening, raping, and humiliating an innocent law-abiding citizen, a federal civil rights trial is set for January 2018.

According to reports, an unidentified female officer also took part in the rape. Corley was a 20-year old student at the time. To add insult, Corley was then arrested on false charges of possession and resisting arrest (obligatory). A Harris Co. D.A. later dropped those charges. Cammack has now filed a federal lawsuit against Harris County and the sheriff's dept. on behave of his client. Needless to say, pigs Pierre and Strong remain paid union-backed public employees for the [failed] state of TX. The pending federal suit should not effect them in the slightest. Meanwhile, a sadistic war on the poor/working classes, on POC, and on Black women rages on, unabated.

homepage: homepage: http://officerdowntp.blogspot.com/2017/08/woman-strip-searchedraped-on-roadside.html

Don't go overboard.... 28.Aug.2017 15:48


OD, you constantly want to make it about race. Sometimes, it's OK, but often it's inappropriate, you're like the a maniac who constantly cries fire in a crowded theater, people get desensitized to it and it diminishes actual cases of racism. So don't bring up "black" in a case like this as if it could only happen to you if you're black. There have been plenty of cases like this before that have involved women (and men) of all races. Does it happen to a higher percentage of black women? I don't know, you're going to have to find some legit stats but let's say cops are pretty equal opportunity about this behavior. If you want to make an issue of who are the usual victims of this kind of behavior then understand that, being female, young and in the range of attractive puts you, by far, at highest risk for this kind of attack. That is undeniable.

I scanned some articles but couldn't find any that specified where they found marijuana (she was charged with possession), which suggests they did indeed find marijuana in her private parts. If they had found it somewhere else then she would be announcing that publicly but she only focuses on the violation of her person. I'm not suggesting that it makes what they did right, of course it's flat out wrong on a fundamental human level for police to even be enforcing the state's dictates that we can't make personal use of marijuana. However, with a legal analysis on a surface level I'm not sure this can be defined as a sexual assault, an assault on dignity of course but not actual rape, the cops that examined her were female and unless it turns out they were lesbians I don't believe a sexual component was involved. It is disturbing that a cop would order such an intimate examination for something like marijuana, with state legalization and changing attitudes even the most gung ho jarheaded pig must have some realization that marijuana isn't the evil demon substance it was considered in the past.

It's About RACE and MISOGYNY! 28.Aug.2017 19:58


"I scanned some articles but couldn't find any that specified where they found marijuana (she was charged with possession), which suggests they did indeed find marijuana in her private parts."

First off, what insane sense does it make that a woman would "hide" weed in her vagina? The suggestion alone is sexist.
Secondly, her Forth Amendment rights were grossly violated.
Thirdly, all criminal charges against her were DROPPED, including the bogus possession. Pretty sure some of those articles you scanned would have mentioned this.
Fourthly, she was RAPPED. It was two male cops who pulled her over. Just because they enlisted the aid of a self-hating female cop to conduct the illegal search/rape, doesn't make it any less rape.
Fifth, WHY would it take 11 minutes to find weed, when they're looking in just ONE area???

Misogyny was my point 29.Aug.2017 10:23


That's what I was saying when I pointed out women, particularly young and attractive ones, are the primary victims of sexual violence, did you miss that when you wrote misogyny in caps? However, whether race was an issue is not proven and you have no evidence supporting that it was, just supposition. You shouldn't be broadcasting it as fact when you don't know for sure.

As for the search itself...OK, I maybe you have some details I don't and that's fine, I'm not disagreeing with you that it was a violation, etc...Of course it was all those things and yet another example of rabid cops acting like animals. I think there was two female cops though, not that it matters, one, two or three don't make it right. However, like race, when you shout rape and sexual assault you better be sure it is an actual sexual assault, a strip search like that is a violation but unless there was sexual intent on the part of the searchers you can't categorize it at the same level. Highly unlikely the female cops had sexual intent, women rarely do those things, it's more likely the male cop was getting some perverse pleasure in seeing women messing with each other, I'd give that some credibility if you can find some past similar behaviors, maybe look into this guys history and see if he's been doing this regularly to women during the course of his work. All that being said, screaming about race steers attention away from the fact that cops commit violations of citizens routinely to everybody regardless of race.

Call it what it is 29.Aug.2017 21:43


When a woman with no criminal record (not that it matters) is pulled over by cops for "allegedly" running a stop sign, and this minor traffic violation results in the woman being stripped searched for weed for 11 minutes... that is rape. That the male cops got a female cop to stick a flashlight up the victim's vagina doesn't make it any less rape. The Third Reich sometimes enlisted female guards to oversee the death camps. Certainly didn't make those holocaust victims any less dead, now did it? That this was a law-abiding (again, bogus charges later dropped, so she still gets to be innocent) Black woman this was done to clearly adds a racial element. One of the male cops was white, the other possibly Latino (female cop unknown, as she was never id'ed in any news reports I read). But hey, the animal that murdered Trayvon Martin and got away with it is also Latino. Was still a racist murder, tho.

Justice for Charnesia Coley! 02.Sep.2017 15:36

eu misma

Men rape women every three minutes. The overwhelming majority go free.
These rapists need to do time.
Justice for Charnesia Coley!

'OD' = Misogynist (and racist), also featured author on PDX IMC 16.Sep.2017 17:49


'OD', purveyor of "Kill A Cop For Mommy" posts on the Newswire lately appears to be a birddoggin' provocateur here on Portland Indymedia -
not sure whose agency he's operating under.

But we can eventually sleuth that out.

The recent Portland MAX train stabbing article  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2017/05/434743.shtml is a clear indicator:
1) he hangs out out with the (known convicted felon/schizo) killer [QUOTE]: " I have met him several times myself. "
2) posts that the victims were black [QUOTE]: " two other men - both said to have been Black "
3) trumps-up outrage that this killer was a so-called 'white supremacist', more important than the deaths of two people trying to help.

As though the greater crime here was him being a 'white supremacist' than (what he actually is) a mass murderer.

Portland Indymedia is ^ still featuring 'OD' as an author.

Apparently though,
Portland Indymedia workerbees don't seem too concerned.

Mr. 'OD' has been a featured center-column author here  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2017/02/434355.shtml

Also, despite his misogyny and open advocacy of harmful physical violence,
'OD's work was _quite creepily_ ... allowed on the newswire, in
"Photos From Portland's Women's March author: OD"  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2017/01/434174.shtml

Does Portland Indymedia have a Misogynist advocate of physical violence as one of its featured authors?

'author' of this article 'OD' is a documented misogynist
(QUOTE 'OD': "racist dirty bitch") race-baiting,
ableist ("Trumptard" adding "tard" to the end of words discriminates against persons with disabilities)
hatemonger that advocates violent acts :


Advocating specific acts and threats of physical violence, misogyny, race baiting, implied discrimination towards persons with mental/personal disabilities, and much else.

[quote] "I now see that it is SHILLS for fascist Trump I need to be concerned about!"

[quote] "a racist White"

[quote] "The dirty bitch"

[quote] "racist dirty bitch"

And check out his thread of comments on his own publication here,

The Police Murders Of Terence Crutcher & Keith Lamont Scott

[quote] "These goddamned pigs"

[quote] "race-traitors"

[quote] "Black cops should watch their backs"

05.Oct.2016 20:07  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2016/09/433220.shtml#448042
OD [quote]:
"Of course, the system has ways of devouring said race-traitors. Black cops - and in particular, the cop who murdered Scott - should watch their backs. The Whites have never really had their backs, and since they betrayed their own - one day they will find themselves in a position where no one will be there for them."

Response to / requests for clarification of ^above

More violence provocateur-ing :


The clear "intend [sic]" of OD's trolling on Portland Indy of late is to provoke violent acts. Evidence:

[quote] "stay vigilant and ARMED! Lock and load..."

Now if OD lives up to being the Trump-Trumping-Hillary-supporter that they obviously are, they'd know that Clinton, DNC and leftists want to PREVENT access for free citizens needing to protect themselves, to firearms.

Yet above he urges us to 'stay ARMED', and 'lock and load'.

Either they are trolling, or are ignorant/don't even believe what they espouse.

In addition to the misogynist, race-baiting, and advocating-acts-of-violence rhetoric  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2016/11/433641.shtml#448525

Donald Trump lives rent-free in OD's cranium. OD seems to have a fixation on Trump himself and, now, after the election and sixty million Americans who cast a vote for him (QUOTE: "fuck anyone who voted for him") ....
never mind that tens of millions of them, Republicans included assuredly cast a DT vote simply because the alternative major party candidate was absolutely not an option.
( and thank goodness that worked out for us all the way it did )

. is manipulating the quotes 17.Sep.2017 15:19

Propolice Sniffer

There is disinformation conjecture by author "." in the comment above

You misrepresents the quotes as well as uttering your "pro police" support, as you troll Indymedia authors

I am not wasting my time with bantering with . just letting reader know he/she is pro police and misrepresenting facts on indymedia

"he/she is pro police and misrepresenting facts on indymedia" 09.Nov.2017 15:40


Facts have all been presented already plain-as-day ^^^ ABOVE ,
about Portland Indymedia's 'OD', Misogynist, sociopath center-columnadvocate of physical violence as one of its featured center-column authors.

if one chooses to ignore the abundant facts of OD's own statements and postings here to this site it is you whose head remains firmly embedded in sand.

as for my personal opinion on police ("pro police", LAUGHING OUT LOUD......) you are very gravely mistaken.

also fwiw (not much in the case of OD and the ilk of those who would even minutely defend OD) just because someone is a race-baiter and advocate of physical violence (in addition to being a misogynist, ableist and sociopath) as
OD is here on Portland Indy, it does not make them or confer on them status of being somehow, "anti police".