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Arrest [FINALLY] Made in Deandre Harris Attack

It took about two weeks, massive public pressure, and no small amount of citizen internet sleuthing, but [an] arrest has finally been made in a vicious hate crime from Charlottesville. As covered in a previous entry, 20 year old local resident Deandre Harris had attended counter-protests against an alt-Reich rally of several hundred Neo-Nazis and KKK members. The so-called "Unite the Right" rally had descended upon Charlottesville, VA on August 11th and 12th - much to the dismay of many town residents. That White supremacist rally had resulted in a terrorist attack when Nazi Proud boy James Fields Jr. rammed his Dodge challenger into a crowd of Leftist/progressive marchers, murdering one and injuring at least 19 others.
Daniel Borden, 18, was arrested on Friday August 25th in Mason, OH. The overdue arrest came two weeks after a pack of rabid animals attacked Harris. Nearly beaten to death, Harris suffered a broken wrist and a severe gash in his head that required 9 staples to close. Even though the hate crime happened inside a parking garage directly adjacent to a police station, no police even came to Harris' aid. No initial arrests were ever made. And police made no attempts at identifying the animals responsible. It was Harris' friends who ran to his rescue. It was internet sleuthing on the part of citizen activists who found out Borden's identity. And it was public pressure that persuaded cops to do their damned jobs and finally arrest Borden - a known fugitive up to that point.

In addition, a second Nazi thug has been identified and charged in connection to the attempted murder of Deandre Harris. The Coward's name is Alex Michael Ramos. He is reportedly 33 years old and lives in Marietta, GA. As of this entry's posting, Ramos has not [yet] been brought to justice. Both Ramos and Borden have been charged with one count each of malicious wounding, even though it was really an ATTEMPTED MURDER. But since lazy, racist, good-for-nothing "law enforcement" dragged their feet on doing anything at all, it's not surprising that the criminals would not be charged accordingly. Shortly after the attack, Ramos posted a video to his Facebook page in which he bragged about his crimes. It's all good, though... Ramos himself insists that he's actually not racist, because he's Puerto Rican. Great... yet another self-hating, coon-ass, sorry excuse for a bag of guts. Like many other light-skinned "White" Latinos, he barely passes... but kind of doesn't. But more so than this Samoan Alt-right coon, who doesn't pass at all. There always has to be at least one, right? Ramos has since deleted his Facebook account, like the coward that he is. He is most likely in hiding or possibly on the run. He, as well as the other four (still unidentified) savages that attacked Harris, remain fugitives from the law. These animals are to be captured - ALIVE OR DEAD!

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