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Doggy style

Image showing how corporate lobbyists legally bribe our political "representatives" to pass legislation that benefits wealthy private interests
As paid persuaders and manipulators, lobbyists quietly bribe our political representatives to ignore the needs and wishes of their constituents, and they do it in secret behind closed doors.

If the lobbying industry was honest about the services they offer, you might see a billboard that looks like this.

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Doggy style (Image didn't upload) 22.Sep.2017 13:55

Stu Tanquist Baloneyaholic@protonmail.com

Here is another attempt to upload the image for this article.

Doggy style
Doggy style

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This site automatically appends http:// to the website address. My site is uses the secure https:// option, so the appended link is broken. Here is the correct link.

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