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Post-Report From Joey Gibson's Pathetic Rally

Local Reich-Winger/Nazi Friend Joey Gibson held yet another rally in Portland. Antifascists show up in force.
Alt-Reich stooge/Trumptard Joey Gibson held a somewhat impromptu rally of sorts in Portland, OR on Sunday October 8th 2017. The rally/meet-up/circle-jerk was held at Terry Shrunk plaza, a federal park space located across from City Hall. Gibson, a self-professed "vlogger", has risen to regional prominence following Trump's theft of the 2016 election. Based out of Vancouver, WA, Gibson reportedly announced his event on Saturday Oct. 7th. He has already held several so-called "Patriot Prayer" rallies in various West Coast cities, including Berkeley, Portland, and Seattle. Rose City Antifa and other Leftists quickly picked up on Gibson's plans, and showed up in force. Given the short notice, attendance on both sides was relatively small compared to previous events. However, Antifascists still outnumbered the Trump-supporters at least 2-1 (as opposed to the usual 10-1). The opposing groups arrived at the plaza at around 2:00pm Sunday, amid a heavy police presence. This time no violence occurred, with just a single arrest made when a Reich-winger tried to bring a gun into the federal park. For once, cops did their job and arrested the criminal. Gibson's group was drowned out and silenced whenever they attempted to speak. Antifascists then ran them out of the park. Here are photos from the event:

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