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Another Arrest Warrant Issued In Deandre Harris Beating Case... For the VICTIM!

When it comes to the repugnant, malignant disease of racism and the low-down White people it infects, very little surprises me anymore. But I have to admit, such an act of inhumane cruelty was beyond even my imagination. Ramifications from the Nazi/Klan rally that took place in Charlottesville continue to reverberate, in often horrid ways. On Monday, October 20th 2017, a local magistrate judge in that city issued an arrest warrant...for Deandre Harris! That's not a typo. The man who was viciously beaten and nearly killed by a pack of wild animals back in August, is now facing the same felony charge as two of his attackers. It seems that in AmeriKKKa, Black people are in the wrong even when getting the shit kicked out of them!
I've covered the now infamous, so-called "Unite the Reich" rally which took place in Charlottesville, VA back in mid-August. I have since written several follow-ups, including the attempted murder of Harris, as well as the absolute failure of law enforcement to pursue the hate crime case. While writing about events in Charlottesville, I even (semi-jokingly) mused that Marcus Martin (one of the heroes of the Charlottesville terrorist attack) was lucky to not have been arrested and charged with "obstructing a vehicle" (Martin - a Black man and counter-protester - had pushed his fiancee out of the path of a speeding car driven by Nazi terrorist James Fields Jr., saving her life in the process. Martin was run over and suffered a broken leg). Distressingly, that tempered muse has now become grotesquely close to real life, in a way I could never have predicted.

Two months after the crime, and only two arrests have been made in connection to Harris' vicious beating... Daniel Patrick Borden and Alex Michael Ramos (the self-hating Puerto Rican coon who thinks he's Spanish). The racist attack, which was captured on video and photographed, clearly shows Harris being swarmed upon by as many as 6 men. To this day there are several other dangerous criminals involved in a hate crime that remain at large. Their identities remain unknown. And as for the two arrests that were made (much belatedly) - even that would not have happened, had it not been for a combination of clever internet sleuthing and the stupidity of the criminals involved.

Harris currently faces the same felony charge as Borden and Ramos, two of his attackers... malicious wounding. It is punishable by up to five years in prison and a $2,500 fine. Never mind the fact that the filthy rabid animals who beat the 20 year old got out of there without a scratch! Harris' attorney Lee Merritt is adamant that the trumped-up charge against his client is clearly retaliatory on the part of White supremacists. Merritt says that Harris plans to turn himself in within 24 hours.

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