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Air Force Academy Reveals Black Student Was Behind Racist Messages

The school's superintendent condemned the racist messages in a viral speech after five black students found them scrawled in their dorm.

The slurs were actually written by one of the black students who had reported them.
Drew Schwartz
Nov 8 2017, 9:45am

Back in September, the superintendent of the US Air Force Academy (USAFA) rounded up 4,000 cadets and 1,500 staff members to give them a stern warning that's since been viewed online more than a million times.

"If you can't treat someone with dignity and respect, then you need to get out," Lieutenant General Jay Silveria said. "If you demean someone in any way, then you need to get out."

Lieutenant Silveria made the speech after five black students at the USAFA prep school found the words "get out n****r" scrawled on their dorm room message boards, an incident that roiled the campus and made national headlines. Silveria vowed that whoever was responsible would be brought to justice.

On Tuesday, USAFA announced that the slurs were actually written by one of the black students who had reported them, according to the Associated Press. The Colorado Springs Gazette reports that the student scrawled the racist messages "in a bizarre bid to get out of trouble [they] faced at the school for other misconduct." The person responsible is no longer enrolled at the prep school, though it's unclear whether they were expelled or decided to withdraw.

"Regardless of the circumstances under which those words were written, they were written, and that deserved to be addressed," Silveria told the Gazette. "You can never over-emphasize the need for a culture of dignity and respect—and those who don't understand those concepts, aren't welcome here."

Falsely reported hate crimes have cropped up across the US for decades, threatening to undermine legitimate reports of hate-fueled harassment and violence. After the election, two different women fabricated stories about men ripping off their hijabs while mentioning Trump and an Israeli American teen orchestrated a wave of anti-Semitic bomb threats. On Monday, a Kansas State University student admitted to scrawling racist graffiti on his own car in what he called a "Halloween prank."

Similar incidents have served as ammunition for right-wing politicians and pundits who claim a significant number of hate crimes are hoaxes perpetrated by the left, despite the fact that genuine hate crimes are on the rise in the US and far outnumber the fakes.

homepage: homepage: http://www.vice.com/en_us/article/qv3ea7/air-force-academy-reveals-black-student-was-behind-racist-messages-vgtrn

It's not an anomoly 09.Nov.2017 09:31


This is not the only one. Remember the Hopewell church fire? Turned out it was a black parishioner who burned the church and tried to blame Trump supporters. Many of these graffiti incidents have turned out to be committed by members of the groups targeted. Unfortunately, the media loves to give these incidents massive coverage initially but gives them minimal coverage when they turn out to be fake. This encourages certain mentalities to commit hate crime fraud. Let's be clear: Hate crimes do happen and people who stage phony hate crimes are mitigating and steering attention away from them. They aren't any better than people who commit hate crimes. I suggest those of you who leap up and scream hate crime every time there's a graffiti incident or somebody sees a "noose", wait until all the facts are out before reacting and be just as judgmental toward those who lie about hate crimes as those who commit them.

RE: Staged events — 09.Nov.2017 09:37


yes, although the last line of Vice.com's article claims [quote] "genuine hate crimes are on the rise in the US and far outnumber the fakes"...

there has been a big uptick in the past year since November 2016 election, of 'trumped up' hate crimes by attention seekers. In particular the race related variety.

reverse logic 09.Nov.2017 10:16

I know what you mean (wink)

There has been an uptick on folks trying to marginalize people of color as well.

(Especially here on indymedia) Lots of "straw-man" re posts.

(Winkwink, nudgenudge) "uptick on folks trying to marginalize people of color" 09.Nov.2017 15:27


Yeah, _where_ precisely are the posts which

"marginalize people of color"


I wonder... how about this one for mere example :

[QUOTE] "Sutherland Springs is a tiny village ... There isn't much to say about the place, and prior to Sunday's massacre, was probably all but unheard of outside the region."
"Yet, no one seems to be all that concerned about it."

"MARGINALIZE" .................................

"Lots of "straw-man"" — Yes indeed, 100% agreed. 09.Nov.2017 15:42


( Read evidence about poster 'OD' in comments of each : )

NYC Pigs Quit After Charged W/ Raping 18 Yr-Old
author: OD

White Terror Attack at TX Church Leaves 26 Dead
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Chickens Coming Home to Roost
author: OD

Woman Strip-Searched/RAPED on Roadside by Sick Pigs!
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... et cetera, as noted ^ above see the comments __below each article__ for linked evidence and direct quotes

trying to marginalize people of color? 13.Nov.2017 13:13


seems some of those people of color do a great job marginalizing themselves without any help.

35 years ago in the military everyone sunk or swam based on their own merits.

today, in the civilian world, there seems to be an invisible cast system, that can't be spoken about, or publicly defined, but its there.

you are either one of the chosen victims or not.

We have entire fields of study devoted the victimization of classes of people but not individuals, and much like the tobacco industry, Victims INC. needs a constant an fresh supply of addled subjects to ply their craft on.