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Way to go Geral!
Very informative info, unbiased about the FBI!

GERAL 22.Dec.2017 13:56


In this fleeting moment of reflection and renewed perspective I must confess that
1) Aside from 30 years of fbi torture by DEW, assaults and psyops 2) Notwithstanding multiple discreet attempts by fbi on my life, one of which continues at this moment
3) Discounting fbi destruction of my career and hijacking of my life...

This has been and is now one hell of a ride; Not a minute of peace is afforded me in these 3 decades; fbi hoodlums and assassins come at me from all directions, incessantly and in unexpected personas, some in the form of medical and dental doctors, judges, attorneys, real estate fools, mechanics, and assorted goof offs in the general population.

All of these criminals have tried to make my life unhappy.
And to a degree they have succeeded. But I am pleased to report that with all the excitement associated with my struggles to fend off the killers and to document their unspeakable offenses, I have never felt so fulfilled and accomplished in all my life.

My previous work as a soldier, fbi agent, my law career, my teaching at colleges and universities do not approach in their titles and activities the significance of my current role as a crusader in concert with many others in efforts to expose fbi and this decadent culture as hopelessly depraved.

Such profound excitement that characterizes my life today and for the past 30 years would not have been possible without my willingness to embrace the fbi travesties and to expose them in pathetic and realistic detail for all to see.

Thank you to my friends and associates here and God's Speed To Each Of You In The Journey That Destiny (for better & worse) Has Delivered Upon Us.
The mind can make a heaven of hell (Blake).