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Arrest fbi Assassins

I present here the legal basis to hold fbi and their associates in crime responsible for atrocities against our people.
arrest government thugs
arrest government thugs
Arrest fbi assassins and their associates in crime

By residual authority invested in me as a former Special Agent of the fbi (who was illegally forced under threat of death to exit the fbi) and by my prior appointment as a associate judge and State Magistrate in the State of Texas, I hereby theoretically order the arrest of all individuals in fbi/congress/federal judiciary who authorized, condoned or covered up assaults on me and others by gangs, fbi, cops, doj, vigilantes, DEW, ELF, etc.

The legal basis for the arrest warrant issued by me as referenced above is contained in my paper at *academia.edu below and in other laws on topic.



homepage: homepage: http://www.sosbeevfbi.com
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