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Our people are asleep at the wheel

Here is evidence of our people asleep at the wheel, speeding and with eyes on the rear view mirror.
Civilizations fall and ours is on the decline. All of us here and the *millions imprisoned in cages ( and in their own bodies ), held captive in mental wards, living on the streets, and murdered in our global community are testament to the complete abandonment of concern for human life and for suffering which is encouraged by the ruling elite.

The most powerful weaponry devised by twisted minds cannot save the generation that seeks to use the ungodly weaponry to reduce mankind to an obsequious species whose purpose is to 1)further planetary exploration and 2) control the hearts and minds of human beings for all time.

Such atrocities are contrary to the dignity of man.

So, where are persons who can help stop the madness of our time?

In the mirror--

--You and I--


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roundheads 07.Feb.2018 09:14