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Fbi engages in extensive cyber crimes

This report shows how busy fbi is in cyber crimes against me; plus fbi are t r a i t o r s
Fbi monsters
Fbi monsters
Never forget that the fbi are traitors, cowards, torturers and assassins . See fbi treason report below and...

My report 2004:


Today I discovered that fbi thugs are busy deleting many of my posts on different sites. Below are a few instances of fbi Cyber crimes. 

From: Geral Sosbee
To:  aotearoa@indymedia.org
Subject: Fbi continues to delete my posts

Posts *deleted by fbi:




My new post on Gangstalking:


Fbi is guilty of treason:



My new post:


The fbi continues to delete my posts.

Original post:

New post to replace the above post:


homepage: homepage: http://www.sosbeevfbi.com
address: address: USA