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A Year of Trump and Right-wing Populism

In the GOP tax bill, $5 trillion will go to households with over $1 million. Government of the people is far different than government of the powerful. Seniors, students, children and the poor are attacked by this tax heist: Food stamps, Medicaid, Medicare, HUD, SNAP, WIC food assistance, Pell grants, The Legal Corporation, EPA, Dept of Education, PBS and the National Health Institute. and Low Income Housing Tax Credits all face severe cuts!

By Conrad Schuhler

[This article published on January 21, 2018, is translated from the German on the Internet, www.isw-muenchen.de.]

Trump aptly described the overall result of his first year in office. The president invited guests to celebrate at his "winter White House," his feudal Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach, Florida (annual membership fee: $200,000). Attendance at the celebratory dinner cost $200,000 a couple, no problem for the super-rich. Trump wanted to greet his guests with the words: "You all just got a lot richer." He had to forego that. The government shutdown forced him to remain in Washington. However, the forecast hit the bull's eye when Trump's tax reform was accepted in Congress. The richest 1% will get a tax gift of $207,000 per household up to 2027. The inheritance tax is rescinded; the corporate tax rate is lowered from 35 to 21%.

The tax reform (Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, TCJA) is only one of many "reforms" and measures carried out by Trump in the interest of Big Money. The "clown in the White House" described in the media as dumb and lazy eagerly presses ahead with tax gifts for Wall Street and Big Business. There were 70 executive orders and new laws on environmental protection alone. Step by step, the emission restrictions introduced by Obama are retracted. Areas protected in the past are opened up for oil- and gas exploration. The whole coast - except for Florida where trump owns large sections of the ocean - is open for offshore drilling today. Crude oil exports of the US tripled in 2017. Altogether the fossil fuel businesses are experiencing an enormous comeback. In 2018, the exports of liquid natural gas should double thanks to five new docks.

Trump introduced 18 new provisions in labor law and public finance, 18 in the public health system, 17 in labor-and consumer protection, and 13 in immigration. Employees are always in a worse position and the business side is privileged. The protection of wages in the catering trade was annulled. Tips can be kept by the owners and not paid out to the employees. Employees could lose $7 billion a year. Increasing overtime pay was canceled and employees lose $1.2 billion annually. The right to class actions - where employees can challenge employers in collective lawsuits - should be rescinded. Actions should be filed in courts of arbitration. Over 60 million employees lose the possibility of protecting their rights in public courts. With the Deferred Action of Childhood Arrivals (DACA), immigrants who came into the country as children received a work permit. These persons lose the ability to work in the legal labor market. With DACA, 800,000 persons received an 84% wage increase annually; without DACA, the3y will lose it again. The lower wage will also negatively impact their colleagues.

The new appointments on courts and administrative bodies are also in the interest of capital. Trump appointed more federal judges in his first year in office than his predecessor. For decades, a conservative-reactionary perspective was encouraged. The nomination of Neil Gorsuch to be a justice of the Supreme Court is an example. Over decades, Gorsuch gained a reputation as a judge for big money. The case of Randal Quarles nominated to be a member of the Federal Reserve Board, the Fed, was similar. Previously Quarles was a partner of the Carlyle Group, one of the largest speculation- and buyout businesses in the world. Wall Street is appointed the official monitor over the monetary system.

Businesses and the rich honor Trump's achievements for them. A year ago, three-quarters of the members of the National Association of Manufacturers complained about an "unfavorable business climate," excessive taxes and too much regulation. Today, less than a quarter of businessmen are dissatisfied with the "business climate."

The satisfaction of the capitalist class has a quantitative foundation. The economic growth in the 4th quarter of 2017 was 4%. A more powerful growth is forecast for 2018. Unemployment has fallen to 4.1%, the lowest rate in the last 50 years. All the data is on green. The Washington Times, once Trump's journalist adversary, exclaims: "The economy is taking off one year after Trump's inauguration in office."

The tax reform is the background for that. The taxes on corporations and the rich were lowered considerably. The reduction of taxes on foreign profits has special significance. That rate was lowered to 8 to 15.5% Mammoth corporations have stashed away $3 trillion of cash reserves in foreign countries today to escape the past 35% corporate tax rate... Trump's "reform" brings Apple a tax advantage of $43 billion. The return from tax havens abroad will be rewarding.

Corporations like Apple show their appreciation. Trump's economic policy is explicitly and vigorously praised. The political needs of the White House are understood. Trump has to deliver for big capital; he must also include his base again. Apple and Wal-Mart among others now announce they will pass on the billions gained through the tax reform to their workforce - raising the minimum wage from $11 to $12 (Wal-Mart) and one-time bonuses to co-workers ($2500 per co-workers at Apple, up to $1000 at Wal-Mart and paid parental leave for parts of the personnel). Only a third of the tax advantages will be passed on to co-workers, the trade press estimates. The new investments were really planned by companies for a long time. Still, the transfer will be great and is celebrated in the closing of ranks with Trump. One thing should be clear: such an "America First" policy will benefit all Americans, particularly the poorer part, and is not only in the interest of Wall Street and other corporations.

Stephen Bannon was removed since his gossip of revolution and anti-capitalism got on the nerves of the super-rich sponsors... The Bannon coup is the modern version of the Rohm coup in check-book diplomacy (the SA-leader Rohm who spoke of a "social revolution" against big capital was murdered in 1934 by the Hitler NSDAP).

What should the anti-Trump side do? A third of US citizens give bad marks to Trump as president after a year. As motives, critics are annoyed about Trump's attitude toward climate change and his behavior in international politics. Trump's economic and social policy - "it's the economy, stupid," the economy decides the issue, idiot, said Bill Clinton - is approved by the majority of Americans.

The Democratic Party that could have special importance on account of the legally-privileged two-party system is divided. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders mobilize for improvement of the lower and middle classes and for dismantling racist prejudices and regulations. However, the party has been at loggerheads for years between minority-protection policy and representing the interests of the 99% against the "1%" of the super-rich. The AFL-CIO union understands the support of many members for the Trumpian "industry nationalism."

The Trump presidency is more contested internationally than in the US itself. Gallup reports that the approval of US leadership on the global plane fell from 48% to 30% since Trump's assumption of office. Trump's rejection rose from 28 to 43%. The result suits the globalists in Germany's elites just fine. Germany has replaced the US as the most respected world power. Germany is now in 1st place with 41%. The US and China come next at around 31%.


Common Cause and Democracy 21, The Art of the Lie
Trump Historic First Year Failure on Government Integrity and Accountability Issues
January 2018, 32 pp

Attacking seniors, children, students and the poor make professing belief in God ridiculous! In money we trust - to make greed, profit shifting, corruption, insider trading, and Orwellian doubletalk normal!

GRIN.COM is an incredible portal from Munich, Germany with over 194K reading samples of eBooks and dissertations. In the US in 2018, reductionism and for-profit education encourage narrow-mindedness, neoliberal myths and the herd instinct. Here are links that could change our priorities and perspectives. Happy reading and happy researching!

Patrick Pobuda, "Humanity in Economics," 2017.  https://www.grin.com/document/368207

(from the Introduction) "Accumulation of wealth accompanied by increasing political influence of wealthy people and diminishing moral principles in societies is an essential threat to the public order because political participation as well as equal opportunities are weakening for social groups who do not belong to the better-off. Unshackled greed in the wake of unregulated markets inspires wealth concentration and will constantly remove the synergies of individual liberty and prosperity. More regulation is required since the market itself is not sufficient to create a fair society that is worth living in. Most investors are seeking for opportunities to increase their returns rather than funding socio-beneficial measures. Human values seem to become less valuable, the world is increasingly turning to a clear divided two-class system - the rich and powerful, who almost govern the world by fuzzy linkages, while subordinate citizens are subject to the shareholder-subjugated companies and to the ruling classes. The goal of economic activity should simply be the prosperity of human beings and their societies, and not the formation of centers of enormous private equity accumulations and huge conglomerates who practically rule the world in their interest. Therefore, humanity, which should be the objective, is on the wane since the division of society is further increased by politicians and managers who are mostly obliged to short-term success and not to sustainability. Egoism and inconsiderateness seem to be the leading character traits in meritocracies.
The public concern about inequality and its consequences is steadily growing while the gap between the rich and the poor is increasing... "

"Beyond GDP - Measuring the Wealth of Nations," 2009

"The Theory of Moral Sentiments,"  https://www.grin.com/document/120552

:"Capitalism, Ethics, and the Paradox of Self-Exploitation,"  https://www.grin.com/document/51703

"The Failures of Reaganomics and Neoliberalism,"  https://www.grin.com/document/339340

"Reflections on Development as Freedom,"  https://www.grin.com/document/160478

"Hard Times,"  https://www.grin.com/document/120557

"Debate about Alternative Monetary Systems,"  https://www.grin.com/document/233437

homepage: homepage: http://www.freembtranslations.net
address: address: www.therealnews.com

Civilizations change their values and priorities 06.Feb.2018 07:47


Civilizations change their values and priorities to survive.

We don't need to shoot deer to insure the survival of the species.

Colonial civilizations died out because of their narrow-mindedness and arrogance. Technical superiority was confused with genetic superiority. Expeditions in the North and South Poles failed because the differences between polar and moderate climates were ignored.

It's time to celebrate First Nations peoples who make our food possible and live out of holistic and unselfish perspectives.
The digital world of information technology has brought vast increases in productivity. Reducing working hours and exchanging roles become possible. We could all become in part cloud workers as researchers, translators, editors and writers!
194K reading samples of eBooks and dissertations await us at www.grin.com. Happy reading! Happy researching!

Right wing populism? 06.Feb.2018 09:38

Lloyd Hart dadapop@dadapop.com

Conned again! Trump and the republicans only drew 23% of the voting age public to the polls. Democrats drew only 23% of the voting age public to the polls. Where's the numbers of your right wing populism? You've been bread and circusesd again. The only populism that is out here is the demoralization of the public that is now turning into a human rights, worker's rights, ecological rights 75% voting age backlash that will wipe out both parties. The next president will be an independent.

Why does the left continue to miss the target. 06.Feb.2018 10:01

Lloyd Hart dadapop@dadapop.com

The cult of corporations that are represented by the Trump/Clinton campaign have successfully runaway with the treasury one more time and everyone can see it. When the cult of corporations took control of the presidential debates away from the League of Women's Voters after Ross Perot drew all the Libertarians out and away from the republican party in the 1992 presidential election causing George H W. Bush's loss by 1% they then put into place Electronic Jim Crow Voting Machines that I witnessed being tested in the Toronto municipal election in 1988. All the while Clinton is knocking down the federal communication rules and allowing media consolidation and allowing in the media psychopath Rupert Murdoch to spin the war on terror crap. Then election 2000 , the rest is history.

Left Misses target V2.0 and "Right wing populism", LOL. 06.Feb.2018 17:10


Democrat Party in 2018 is an alliance of wealthy whites & low-income ethnic minorities.

it's about CLASS, not race. (try telling your typical Democrat / leftist of 2018 that...)

Trump Triumph, Thanks To Liberal Brains Pickled In The Formaldehyde Of Identity Politics
author: Luciana Bohne source: CounterPunch

Trump has repealed TPP. Which Portland Indymedia / Antifa et al., was also in favor of (as of 2014 at least...)

That is the question you must ask yourself, marc1seed _at_ yahoo.com (continuous poster of like material to PDX IMC)...

Reading material —

Portland Indymedia Jan 2014 vs Jan 2017, NAFTA and Trump

Ironic isn't it?

( this was a Feb 2014 center column PDX IMC feature )
Friday, January 31, 2014
Video: Jan. 31 Inter-Continental Day of Action against the TPP & Corporate Globalization
No more NAFTA— 20 Years is Enough!

This is a call to action for communities throughout Mexico, Canada and the United States to join together on January 31, 2014, and say "ENOUGH!" to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the pending Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and other corporate "trade" deals.
vs today, 2017 :

Trump To Sign Executive Order On Plan To Renegotiate NAFTA With Mexico, Canada
( + more references, recent Trump-NAFTA stories linked in comments below ^ article )

Democrat Party: Alliance of Wealthy Whites + Low Income Ethnic Minorities

Recognition Of 2016: Nixon-Level Corruption In DNC Means It's Time to Build A New Party

The Progressive Movement Is A PR Front For Rich Democrats

What So Many People Don't Get About The U.S. Working Class

A Critical Analysis Of Some Left-Liberal Reaction To The Recent Election
author: Gene Glickman

The issue is not Hillary Clinton's Wall St links but Democrats' core dogmas
The Democratic party rejected the New Deal and its stress on working-class Americans in favour of a technocratic elite - is it time for a political revolution?

On Rhetoric And Strategy In Social Justice And Leftist Spaces

Fantasies Of Impeachment and Protest: Continued Misreadings of Donald Trump

How The Democrats Lost Touch On Trade
author: Thomas Frank

Trump To Sign Executive Order On Plan To Renegotiate NAFTA With Mexico, Canada

TPP and NAFTA: Trump Is Speaking Against, Will Cancel TPP

Schumer To Labor Leaders: TPP Is Dead

UAW Seeks To Join Trump In Effort To Dismantle NAFTA

Canada, Mexico Ready To Talk About NAFTA with US


Millions Of Ordinary Americans Support Donald Trump. Here's Why
author: Thomas Frank

Hope Against Despondency: Interpreting Class Post-Trump
author: James Brittain

Trump Triumph, Thanks To
Liberal Brains Pickled In The Formaldehyde Of Identity Politics
author: Luciana Bohne source: CounterPunch

Democratic Party Attorneys Admit DNC Is Corrupt

Chris Hedges, Robert Reich Agree That USA 3rd Party Is Needed

Prospects For An Alt-Left
author: Elliot Murphy
53% of white women voted for a man whose respect for women barely reaches Henry VIII levels.

We Are All Deplorables
author: Chris Hedges source: TruthDig

Why The Trump Protests, Like The Wisconsin Uprising, Will Fail

Harvey Weinstein Urged Clinton Campaign to Silence Sanders's Black Lives Matter Message

Trump/Clinton Ticket Dividing Us Along Lines of Race?

Protesters didn't stop Trump in Chicago. They helped him.

1960s Icon Of Civil Rights Leads House Democrats In 'Sit Down' To Have Them Taken Away

House Democrats Sing Civil Rights Anthem In Support Of Taking Away Our Civil Rights

Donald Trump Could Be The Military-Industrial Complex's Worst Nightmare

Malcolm X 1964: Black Voters "Chumps" For Voting Democrat

Dangerous Idiots: How The Liberal Media Elite Failed Working-Class Americans

Why Revolution Is No Longer Possible

Pathology Incorporated; The Facade Of American Democracy

Self-Righteousness And Left-Activism

Donald Trump's Unique Human Decency On Iraq

spammin' 07.Feb.2018 09:09


spammin' for "grin" and Counterpunch? Avoiding both. Counterpunch is nihilistic commie babble.

RE: "spamming" (?...) — 07.Feb.2018 11:09


( whatever that is ....)

apparently is the source provided by well known PDX IMC 'spammer' marc1seed _at_ yahoo.com,

who doesn't yet seem to realize that Karl Marx was a person who lived during the 19th century (rather than the 21st).

as to your mention of CounterPunch, not sure what you are referring to there.

In previous postings of a particular piece :
Trump Triumph, Thanks To Liberal Brains Pickled In The Formaldehyde Of Identity Politics
whose author is Luciana Bohne,

it (along several others of the ones ^^ LINKED ABOVE  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2018/02/435486.shtml#451995 ) was such a contentious topic for the fragile users of Portland Indy that it was necessary to identify the source publication which in that instance happened to be CP.

CounterPunch (despite those such as rAT apparently finding its ideological perspective to be anathema) entertains a quite wide range of views from the libertarian left, and is worth checking in on occasionally. Although due to the implanted proclivities of their late founder Mr. Alexander Cockburn they of course will not 'entertain' any doubt cast on the official U.S. government story of 11 September 2001... be that as it may, the piece by Luciana Bohne remains 100% on target and congent analysis of the Left's condition as of November 2016 and circumstances leading up to their ideological predicament.

( another good piece that happened to be sourced from CP, which also raised substantial far-left ire / Bah-Humbug at the time of its posting here on PDX IMC, was Marshall Auerback's 'It's Class, Stupid, Not Race'  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2016/11/433786.shtml )

Hope Against Despondency: Interpreting Class Post-Trump 07.Feb.2018 13:33

James Brittain

Enclosing Trump as a solitary force for bigots, racists, misogynists would be politically tragic, as it is simplistic, in that it fails to recognize the manoeuvres of such narratives. There is a more imperative underscore of why and who elected this candidate that must be teased-out.

Today it is clear that much work needs/is to be done. An immediate and important aspect of this effort is to recognize how our contemporary class consciousness is currently being expressed. As evident, it is a class-identity channelled through an autonomous individuation associated with self-interest rather than a body correspondingly divorced from the means of production and consequentially exploited. It is essential that a clear understanding of where one sits in relation to the distal structures of power be grounded in a recognition of the State and the means of production. What then needs to be taken off the shelf is a class consciousness of shared-relation(s); a collective recognition of alienation as a class rather than a singular neoliberal by-product (or subject).

Translation is not spamming! 07.Feb.2018 15:06


Thankless people abound! Listen to the Portland city council as they skirt realities and urgent crises - as though owners of capital were the only ones with a legitimate interest!
I translate articles so people can become readers and researchers and truth-tellers in an age of deceit.
Disparaging free translations as spam shows that many refuse serious intellectual debate even when social, political, economic and ecological crises call for joining forces.
Eight of the links were for dissertations in English that could clarify our economic understanding. Apparently, Trump is not the only one who thinks he already knows everything!

YES, it's "sp****ing" if you don't know what you're talking about. 07.Feb.2018 17:14


Translation or not, whatever.

how is what DT has supposedly 'done' in 1 year,

different from 8 YEARS of Obama?

Obama (and his predecessor Bush at tail end of his term)
presided over

THE LARGEST TAXPAYER BAILOUT of wealthy banks ever recorded in human history. $800+ billion.

Occupy, which spontaneously emerged in 2011 was the AUTHENTIC reaction to this and other malaise under Obama.

Not that Trump is "better" (the tax reforms are certainly detrimental to government programs noted in this article) but, how much DIFFERENT in overall trend is what Trump has done from Bush/Obama.

Of course the answer is _no different_. Just a different scale of torture, destruction.

Marc's article states [QUOTE]:
"The Democratic Party that could have special importance on account of the legally-privileged two-party system is divided."

No, the Democrats aren't "divided". They're simply INEFFECTUAL, as are the Republicans (who during mid-2016 paid $$ millions to directly sabotage the candidacy and nomination of Trump to their OWN PARTY platform).

Trump remains a unique figure, big business 'friendly' for certain and obviously government social programs will be cut back as he repeatedly/explicitly stated during his campaign speaking. But he effectively is no different from Obama, the Democrat/GOP parties, or Bush. Their collective agenda is continued corporate rule, as it has been since Reagan/Thatcher/Bush I during the 1980s.

Until an actual 'populist' political movement (i.e. one which has adopted at lease a few of the tenets of Occupy, the Sabotaged-By-Democrats Sanders campaign after which Sanders' supporters voted for corporate-Hillary etc.)
emerges in the U.S. will there be effective change.

Glenn Greenwald On Trump, Democrats, Russia Et Al. 15.Feb.2018 05:43

Simon van Zuylen-Wood


In Glenn Greenwald's eyes, the Russia-Trump story is a shiny red herring — one that distracts from the failures, corruption, and malice of the very Establishment so invested in promoting it. And when in January, as "Journalism Twitter" was chastising the president for one outrage or another, Congress quietly passed a bipartisan bill to reauthorize sweeping NSA surveillance, you had to admit Greenwald might have been onto something.

"When Trump becomes the starting point and ending point for how we talk about American politics, [we] don't end up talking about the fundamental ways the American political and economic and cultural system are completely fucked for huge numbers of Americans who voted for Trump for that reason," he says. "We don't talk about all the ways the Democratic Party is a complete fucking disaster and a corrupt, sleazy sewer, and not an adequate alternative to this far-right movement that's taking over American politics."

Greenwald's been yelling about this, quite heatedly, since before the 2016 election.