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Rense.com: The Ultimate Russian Troll Factory

All this BS about Google and Facebook spreading adversarial "propaganda" pales in comparison with Jeff Rense's brand of "Journalism".
Jeff Rense is NOT a Hippie
Jeff Rense is NOT a Hippie
Rense.com somehow quietly slipped through the media net that recently ensnared Infowars. Seems Alex Jones gets all the official heat while Rense just chugs along with the most outrageous propaganda of all. Always pro-Putin, always anti-Clinton, always making excuses for Trump's craziness and lies, totally anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim. Rense began as a sort of "Art Bell" of the web. Lots of UFO and Alien stories, Ghosts, the Supernatural, and anything out of this world. After they sucked in the Alien Autopsy crowd the onslaught of political tripe began and grew by leaps over the decades. Anyone who actually believes the crud in Rense.com probably subscribed to the lamented Weekly World News and still thinks Batboy is real. The Dems are betting big that Trump and the Russians actually aided and abetted in the rigging of the election somehow. By releasing phony news stories to a gullible John Q that convinced him Hillary was evil? Trump may as well call himself Igor these days. He'll go down in history as the first Russian President the way Willie was hailed as the first Black to wear the crown. The problem with Rense is that he has a huge following that's more intellectually aware than the lemmings who swallow Alex Jones' barking on a daily basis. Rense cleverly mixes in a few insightful threads among his painfully deluded and brainwashed "writers". Plus the site's hubris has no bounds. They're always "the world's top alternative news site". Says who? Jeff Rense? If this idiot show isn't sponsored by Russia I don't know what is.

Actually Everything Is Sponsored By Russia 16.Feb.2018 20:22


How can you prove that YOU are not sponsored by Russia? Got any links for that?

don't call me Boris 18.Feb.2018 07:08


Blues- get a grip

You Are The One With The Conspiracy Theory About "Russia" 19.Feb.2018 00:21


You are the one who is worried about "Russians" under your bed.

Why should I worry about "evil Russians"? That's stupid.

Why not just get rid of computer voting and have hand counted paper ballots like the rest of the world?

You want WW-III. I promise you will not enjoy that, so get a grip. Seriously.

blues has a point.... 19.Feb.2018 12:14


Yes, who knows what the source of this or any article really is. As far as Rense goes, sure it's got plenty of UFO paranormal nonsense and the politics can be knuckleheaded right wing jingoism, but are we comparing it to the glop the mainstream media force feeds us? Or even much of the crap that gets posted on Indymedia or any other alternate media outlet for that matter? If you poke around Rense there's actually some quite brilliant, illuminating and insightful articles, some of which could be considered quite anarchistic in nature, even more so than some of the pretentiously anarchistic articles here in Indymedia. Maybe it is ultimately a "Russian" operation but that doesn't mean it can't be interesting and informative.

But rAT used to be a fan of Rense...what happened? 19.Feb.2018 13:12


Hate to interrupt you kids. Nothing like a good conspiracy food fight. Except...rAT was always a fan of Rense.

rAT's article with Rense link:


rAT's reply to a critic of Rense:


"Hey "d": I guess you agree with Bush about rense.com 06.Sep.2005 11:43

rAT link

According to the government, Rense.com is the TOP DISINFORMATION SITE in the nation. Man, Jeff Rense must be doing SOMETHING RIGHT. You could be a troll, with this odd blend of understanding and skepticism you're serving up here. You obviously haven't done your homework. Just because it's on Rense.com doesn't mean a posting is the absolute truth, but there is a lot of food for thought there for those with an open mind. There's been a million posts like yours here. Dissing IndyMedia won't get you anywhere anyway. "

So what happened, Mr. rAT? Just asking questions....

Rense dawt com is a Repost site. 19.Feb.2018 19:15


( Holy shit when I saw this on the Newswire I flashed back to 2002 for a second... WTH / WTF does anybody care about Jeff Rense in 2018, again? )

as I recall the Rense web site it was mostly a repository for reposted articles from primarily right-wing bloggers and news sites. No original content.

I never heard Rense's radio show, podcast or anything else. (Primary exposure to the reposted articles was via Mike Rivero's WhatReallyHappened site, back in the early 2000s when he would crosslink a ****load of stuff from Rense.) At the Rense site, reposted pieces typically had the source site and author posted at the bottom of article / end of text.)

not sure why even the .gov would be concerned about Rense, he's like a fourth-rate version of Rush, Stern, and Drudge scrambled together.

Rense is an irrelevant also-ran in 2018 (Alex Jones having long since eclipsed him in terms of 'conspiracy media empire').

hatred.com 27.Feb.2018 08:30


Rense actually was interesting and informative at one time many years ago. Now it's hatred.com And Putin still sucks.

Only The CIA And You Hate Russia. Coinidence? 01.Mar.2018 21:15


Putin for US King! (For as long as he lives.)

It's seriously our only hope.

See the State of the Nation (2hr, 3min):


Why the UK, the EU and the US Gang-Up on Russia 31.Mar.2018 11:07

by James Petras / March 21st, 2018

For the greater part of a decade the US, the UK and the EU have been carrying out a campaign to undermine and overthrow the Russia government and in particular to oust President Putin. Fundamental issues are at stake including the real possibility of a nuclear war.

The most recent western propaganda campaign and one of the most virulent is the charge launched by the UK regime of Prime Minister Theresa May. The Brits have claimed that Russian secret agents conspired to poison a former Russian double-agent and his daughter in England , threatening the sovereignty and safety of the British people. No evidence has ever been presented. Instead the UK expelled Russian diplomats and demands harsher sanctions, to increase tensions. The UK and its US and EU patrons are moving toward a break in relations and a military build-up.

A number of fundamental questions arise regarding the origins and growing intensity of this anti-Russian animus.

Why do the Western regimes now feel Russia is a greater threat then in the past? Do they believe Russia is more vulnerable to Western threats or attacks? Why do the Western military leaders seek to undermine Russia's defenses? Do the US economic elites believe it is possible to provoke an economic crisis and the demise of President Putin's government? What is the strategic goal of Western policymakers? Why has the UK regime taken the lead in the anti-Russian crusade via the fake toxin accusations at this time?

This paper is directed at providing key elements to address these questions.

The Historical Context for Western Aggression

Several fundamental historical factors dating back to the 1990s account for the current surge in Western hostility to Russia.

First and foremost, during the 1990s the US degraded Russia, reducing it to a vassal state, and imposing itself as a unipolar state.

Secondly, Western elites pillaged the Russian economy, seizing and laundering hundreds of billions of dollars. Wall Street and City of London banks and overseas tax havens were the main beneficiaries

Thirdly, the US seized and took control of the Russian electoral process, and secured the fraudulent "election" of Yeltsin.

Fourthly, the West degraded Russia's military and scientific institutions and advanced their armed forces to Russia's borders.

Fifthly, the West insured that Russia was unable to support its allies and independent governments throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. Russia was unable to aid its allies in the Ukraine, Cuba, North Korea, Libya etc.

With the collapse of the Yeltsin regime and the election of President Putin, Russia regained its sovereignty, its economy recovered, its armed forces and scientific institutes were rebuilt and strengthened. Poverty was sharply reduced and Western backed gangster capitalists were constrained, jailed or fled mostly to the UK and the US.

Russia's historic recovery under President Putin and its gradual international influence shattered US pretense to rule over unipolar world. Russia's recovery and control of its economic resources lessened US dominance, especially of its oil and gas fields.

As Russia consolidated its sovereignty and advanced economically, socially, politically and militarily, the West increased its hostility in an effort to roll-back Russia to the Dark Ages of the 1990s.

The US launched numerous coups and military intervention and fraudulent elections to surround and isolate Russia. The Ukraine, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen and Russian allies in Central Asia were targeted. NATO military bases proliferated.

Russia's economy was targeted: sanctions were directed at its imports and exports. President Putin was subject to a virulent Western media propaganda campaign. US NGO's funded opposition parties and politicians.

The US-EU rollback campaign failed.

The encirclement campaign failed.

The Ukraine fragmented - Russia allies took control of the East; Crimean voted for unification with Russia. Syria joined with Russia to defeat armed US vassals. Russia turned to China's multi-lateral trade, transport and financial networks.

As the entire US unipolar fantasy dissolved it provoked deep resentment, animosity and a systematic counter-attack. The US's costly and failed war on terror became a dress rehearsal for the economic and ideological war against the Kremlin. Russia's historical recovery and defeat of Western rollback intensified the ideological and economic war.

The UK poison plot was concocted to heighten economic tensions and prepare the western public for heightened military confrontations.

Russia is not a threat to the West: it is recovering its sovereignty in order to further a multi-polar world. President Putin is not an "aggressor," but he refuses to allow Russia to return to vassalage.

President Putin is immensely popular in Russia and hated by the US precisely because he is the opposition of Yeltsin. He has created a flourishing economy; he resists sanctions and defends Russia's borders and allies.


In a summary response to the opening questions.

1) The Western regimes recognize that Russia is a threat to their global dominance; they know that Russia is no threat to invade the EU, North America or their vassals.

2) Western regimes believe they can topple Russia via economic warfare including sanctions. In fact, Russia has become more self-reliant and has diversified its trading partners, especially China, and even includes Saudi Arabia and other Western allies.

The Western propaganda campaign has failed to turn Russian voters against Putin. In the March 19, 2018 Presidential election voter participation increased to 67%. Vladimir Putin secured a record 77% majority. President Putin is politically stronger than ever.

Russia's display of advanced nuclear and other advanced weaponry has had a major deterrent effect especially among US military leaders, making it clear that Russia is not vulnerable to attack.

The UK has attempted to unify and gain importance with the EU and the US via the launch of its anti-Russia toxic conspiracy. Prime Minister May has failed. Brexit will force the UK to break with the EU.

President Trump will not replace the EU as a substitute trading partner. While the EU and Washington may back the UK crusade against Russia they will pursue their own trade agenda; which do not include the UK.

In a word, the UK, the EU and the US are ganging-up on Russia, for diverse historic and contemporary reasons. The UK exploitation of the anti-Russian conspiracy is a temporary ploy to join the gang but will not change its inevitable global decline and the break-up of the UK.

Russia will remain a global power. It will continue under the leadership of President Putin .The Western powers will divide and bugger their neighbors - and decide it is their better judgment to accept and work within a multi-polar world.