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Fla. School Shooting "Survivor" Hogg Graduated in 2015- in California!

What can you say?
graduated 3 years ago!
graduated 3 years ago!
He's everywhere
He's everywhere
They're all SOOOOOO traumatized!
They're all SOOOOOO traumatized!
Here's Hogg's yearbook photo from Redondo Shores High School in Redondo Beach, Ca. in 2015! He was also featured on Redondo's local TV station for having filmed a confrontation between a surfer and a lifeguard at the beach. His dad is an FBI agent and his mother works for CNN.

can I say? 27.Feb.2018 09:37


Here's David Hogg on CBS L.A. being interviewed about his filming of a lifeguard and surfer having a tiff. YEARS AGO. In his hometown of Redondo Beach.

Garth 04.Mar.2018 07:00

Of course

Of course this has been debunked numerous times over, but what the hell. I'm sure we will find David Hogg killed Kennedy, was responsible for the Gulf of Tonkin incident, took down the World Trade Center towers, and probably has instigated every shooting of more than one person over the last century. See--nice and easy!

However it does provide an example of HOW to analyze (typical) conspiracy claims 04.Mar.2018 07:53

Mike Novack

Might I suggest something rAT?

When you are presented with a conspiracy claim your first step should be not to look at the "evidence" you have been given for this claim << you aren't going to know whether true or not >>

Your first step should be to to ask yourself "if this claim is true, what OTHER things would have to be true". In other words, what OTHER evidence you should see be seeing. Since you would not be spoon fed that evidence, more trustworthy.

In other words, a theory is NOT supported by (existing) evidence reported but by its ability to predict evidence you haven't seen yet.

In this case (Hogg not a student) what would have to be true? Well ALL the other students would have to be in on the conspiracy. Not even one of them stepping forward to say "hey, he's not a classmate of ours, never seen him before." Have you seen anything like that? Since we have seen nothing like that, do you consider it likely that every last one of those students is in on the conspiracy? More likely than somebody has spoon fed you nonsense and maybe your next step should be to try to check THAT out << more likely that you have been spoon fed nonsense than that all students in on a conspiracy >>

Actually, his Dad is a *retired* FBI Agent 05.Mar.2018 13:04

Jody Paulson

He currently works at Cubic Simulation Systems. Check it out.

msm 07.Mar.2018 11:58


Actually CNN et al fell all over themselves trying to debunk the fact that he is a crisis actor. Do you think the MSM is going to report any contradictory facts about this "kid"? There's 3000 kids in that school. There's a video of him being interviewed by CBS 2, the biggest news station in Los Angeles, ON THE BEACH in Redondo. It's online by the way. He's in the YEARBOOK plus there has been zero mention of him in the MSM since the word got out. You and Garth can jump in a lake. As a matter of fact there is no longer any mention of that shooting in the MSM. I believe my eyes and ears, not Brook Baldwin's.

Why does anyone care about THIS kid in the first place? 07.Mar.2018 19:35


I don't care if he even is a 'crisis actor' (or whatever).

Fact remains: He is a U.S. CORPORATE MASS MEDIA 'actor' in the sense that he's getting 24/7 ***m coverage.

Whether he's "legit" or not.

Media is the problem, not whether he's a "crisis actor".

and as title of this post states who the **** cares about _this_ kid and, why did the Parkland shooting need a 'spokesperson' to begin with?

( yeah yeah.... I know he's supposed to be part of the 'crisis actor' cabal and he endorses gun control via Corporate Media Mouthpiece, etc. )