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On Corrupt U.S. Senator John Cornyn

This post was deleted by fbi to prevent the public from knowing about the quasi Nazi character of and crimes by Senator John Cornyn.
Cornyn fraudulently links my name to crime
Cornyn fraudulently links my name to crime

After five years of threats against me by USPI TREY KNIPFING & Texas DPS
CONRAD RODRIGUEZ, I received one small but significant piece of evidence attached hereto (under FOIA with assistance from Congressman VICENTE GONZALEZ) that clearly demonstrates the following facts:

Senator JOHN CORNYN assisted fbi in a campaign to harass and threaten me and my wife in our residence. Cornyn and his staff in concert with fbi, planted my name at the scene of a crime in his office and notified USPI that I was a suspect in a felony involving a powdery substance.

USPI KNIPFING and Texas DPS RODRIGUEZ then began a full field investigation of me , came into my home to threaten me and my wife, and refused my request for a copy of his report. That refusal continues to this moment, except that I received one item (attached herein) of the record that links Cornyn with fbi's vendetta.

For five years KNIPFING continuing to date refused to honor FOIA, and he kept me wondering for 5 years what he wanted to do with my name.

One of KNIPFING 's contrived questions during his Nazi type intrusion into my life was whether I was in Dallas during the time of the crime. I have been under a blanket fbi revengeful surveillance for the past 35 years, 24/7/365, and the fbi knows that I was not in Dallas and that I had nothing to do with any crime. KNIPFING was aware of this, but he continued the charade for fbi to seek out any information on me everywhere I lived and worked. Also, the fbi attempted to kill me several times and applied DEW/ELF assaults which continue uninterrupted today for 16 years.

I learned today that fbi deletes my online reports of CORNYN 's involvement in felonies committed against me by fbi and USPI (refusal to investigate theft of mail and fraudulent investigation).

I believe that Senator John Cornyn is the most traitorous criminal ever to hold high office in USA.

So, this report seeks to indict Cornyn. Knipfing , Rodriguez and fbi agents/directors/operatives in multiple felonies committed against me over several decades.
SEE my papers at Academia.edu, especially:






homepage: homepage: http://www.SOSBEEvfbi.com
address: address: USA

J. Edgar Hoover and GERAL SOSBEE 24.Apr.2018 08:23

GERAL gsosbee@gmail.com

J.EdgarHoover & GERAL SOSBEE

This report was deleted from Austin Indymedia by fbi assassins. The original introduction was as follows:
"J.EdgarHoover & ex fbi agent GERAL SOSBEE | Austin IMC
austin.indymedia.org 2018/01/03 jed...
from austin.indymedia.org
Jan 3, 2018 Here is the story that took me years to develop regarding fbi, USPI, SENATOR JOHN CORNYN, etc. FOIA document from USPI, December 28, 2017. For 30 ..."

J.EdgarHoover hired me as a Special Agent, fbi, 1971; Hoover died the following year, after his 50 years of psychopathic molding of the federal police agency that today proved itself to be murderous traitors.

See my reports and papers online and at


for how the fbi's vendetta against this whistleblower employs an army of assassins globally, a terror campaign 24/7/365 for 50+ years that costs millions of dollars, that is unprecedented in human affairs, that involves high tech, deep space based military weaponry , and that uses a variety of bio-chem-viral agents in efforts to incapacitate this Target.

I have also outlined the custom of fbi corruption of all authorities against this Target of the fbi super charged COINTEL Program in efforts to neutralize this whistleblower.
For example, after a decade of study and review of evidence, I learned that these groups plotted to threaten me with arrest for a *federal crime that they knew I had nothing to do with: fbi, USPI (Trey Knipfing), Texas DPS (Conrad Rodriguez), Senator John Cornyn, et al.
See also outrageous crimes committed by federal magistrate judges who fraudulently empowered fbi to torture and to try to kill me. Then, see how fbi turns all cops into maniacs: U.T. Police Wilson & Bleier, et al.

Concerning the KNIPFING, Senator Cornyn, fbi caper, the attached piece of evidence shows how fbi, USPI, and Big Bad John Cornyn orchestrated an elaborate ruse in efforts to silence me.

Exposing this gigantic fraud by fbi in highjacking my life is my most successful endeavor ever. I am also enriched by the experiences that I document.

Thank you to Misanthrope & Murderer, J.EDGARHOOVER


John Cornyn,  thug
John Cornyn, thug