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Video: Homeland Security and Cop Watching on 10th street 3.29.18 in Portland

Homeland Security and Cop Watching on 10th street 3/29/18 in Portland Oregon.
Two men were handcuffed and then both were taken from 10th street by ambulance.

 https://youtu.be/nOh9pKJZX5o (video 16 minutes)
On 3.29.18 I observed a half dozen Portland Police cars and a Homeland Security vehicle on SW 10th street by the Galleria Max stop.
I started filming at 5:39 PM.

There were two men who were handcuffed. One in a stairwell corner and one already inside a police SUV. They were both taken from the scene by ambulance, there also was one handcuffed lady, who was released. I over heard (while filming) words like heroin, having warrants, a shooting under the bridge. I also noticed three Target employees-security talking with the police. The one Homeland Security officer was standing and watching the handcuffed lady. He was not being aggressive or engaging, he casually slipped away around 4 minutes into the video. I captured a police officer un-cuffing the lady and handing the handcuffs to the Homeland Security Officer at 3:58 in the video, just before he takes off.

The police totally ignored me as I filmed them. (In the last minute of this video) I asked why there was a Homeland Security officer at the scene one cop told me he didn't know and to ask them. The Police Sargent I asked, didn't really know either, he said that the Portland Police didn't call Homeland Security, but that the do get involved / assist if there is something going on that they are around.

 https://youtu.be/nOh9pKJZX5o (video 16 minutes)

Video is also uploaded on Archive dot org here:

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"The police totally ignored me as I filmed them." 10.Apr.2018 05:51


Self importance much?

Maybe they were afraid you'd launch into a screed about how 9/11 was an inside job....

copwatching 10.Apr.2018 13:48

Joe Anybody

years ago they just took my camera, these days they seem less concerned with being filmed