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What a Day

Just a few hours
Shit! What A Day

Our rescue dog got me up at 0400 because she was in panic about something that was scaring her. I stayed with her and got ready for the den of sulfur at 0930. Got on the bus about 0800 and made my way to the West Side, (sounds like a song.) I went through security, which I hate doing, but was kind of jolly with the guys who work for G4S. Decided to take two items out of "Consent Agenda" but wheeler scheduled them after Regular Business and I now had a problem, I was scheduled to meet with the Asst. City Attorney about discovery in my case at 1300 in city hall. I was getting low on oxygen in my tank and got a little nervous. I ran into a cop watcher whom I do not like and he wanted to do an interview with me about security and I said no. He was upset and called me names and finally landed on calling me a Nazi, too much--I went ballistic and told him he was just about him, "Poor me, the cops and courts are all against me." He may be right, they don't like any of us who take them on but man, stop whining.

The nice part of the day was Mimi German joining me for the meeting at 1300, (1PM) with dan simon from the city attorney's office. We went to the meeting together and it did not go well. dan decided that he was not going to respond to my request dated 23 April of who was in the Command Center on June 4, 2017. The city was going to ask the judge to allow them time to do discovery after the judge makes his decision on dismissing the case. I was furious, Mimi had to take time off, I was tired and running out of oxygen and the city just says "Wait." The meeting ended without any exchange of documents. I will ask the judge to remove this dan simon off the case for cause. He was the second chair on my first case with the city and is being a "putz." He also said Mimi could not be there because she has a case against the city; BS. I got the bus for home about 1345 and was exhausted, there is more. There was a guy with lots of luggage who got on the bus and demanded someone get up and give him and his stuff a seat and all hell broke loose. This event got out of hand and the bus driver called the cops. Trimet cops showed up and talked to the guy and told him to sit and shut up or get off the bus. Off we went and home to my friend and wife, beaten and exhausted. Just another day at the den of sulfur. I am not whining and will be at county tomorrow, I am just getting older and these full fights are getting to me. I am asking all people who don't like what I do to stay the fuck away from me and stop with going after activists. If you work for others, I love and respect you, if you just think the world owes you something special, stay away from me. I know there are exceptions but I just can't stand people who whine all the time. We all are human and whine, but please do something for the "Other" and then whine. The sun was out and it was a wonderful day for many reasons, I love the sun and the warmth, thank you Mimi for joining me and Patty for being there when I limped home to love.

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Hang in there 10.May.2018 08:38

Ben Waiting

Thanks for your community activism.