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U.S. Corporate Mass Media: Santa Fe, Texas High School Shooting "Unlike" Parkland, Florida

So with the lack of co-ordinated, prepackaged 'outcry' about semi-automatic (which didn't happen to be utilized by pepetrator of the most recent massacre) "weapons of destruction" the U.S. corporate mass media conveniently claims there is a "difference" between the Santa Fe and Parkland high school shootings :

Santa Fe, unlike Parkland, says the issue behind the latest school shooting isn't guns

Molly Hennessy-Fiske 12 hrs ago

There was no outcry against firearms in Santa Fe after a gunman killed 10 and wounded another 10 on Friday. Guns didn't come up at a prayerful vigil attended by 1,000 people that evening. On Saturday, there were no protests, and local leaders don't expect any Sunday.
what on Earth could the difference be, o Lord?

Rev. Brad Drake, a pastor in Santa Fe ( quoted in the U.S. corporate mass media article ) :
"We have created a culture that does not value life, that does not honor God, that does not respect authority. We are reaping the consequences of those actions, and that's not going to be reversed by a security guard or a metal detector," he said.

So let us get this straight :

in both Parkland, Florida and Santa Fe, Texas a murderous Teenage psychopath went on a rampage using firearms and killed dozens.

But in Santa Fe, no 'outcry' against firearms (specifically) has occurred.

In Parkland, Florida however a massive nationwide campaign emerged to _ban_ a certain type of firearm (which is itself only utilized in less-than-2-percent of violent gun crimes annually) and foment a political assault upon millions of law abiding owners of guns.

sounds more to me as though, because the Santa Fe psycho did not happen to utilize the 'weapon of choice' for brainwashed pod-person-anti-gun morons, the Powers-That-Be CONVENIENTLY decided :

" Naah, he used a revolver and shotgun to massacre the Santa Fe children. Not an 'evil black rifle' to blame. Nothing to see here. "

Who then really does care and-or "is concerned" about gun violence, and school shooting massacres?

Or is the "concern" only about banning / taking away firearms from law abiding citizens.

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