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Tom Hanks & CNN Assault The Sixties: How to Revise History by Forrest Chump

Here we go 'round the Mulberry Bush
You gotta wonder. Was Tom Hanks actually a secret experiment conducted by Deep State Frankensteins? Was he raised secretly and programmed to relish his role as Hollywood's biggest Troll? His horrible CNN series "The Sixties" was actually the culmination of his career as the real Forrest Gump- cleverly mixing the young boomer sentiments of the era with cold propaganda on how we were all manipulated back then but everything is different now. LOL. Of course the latest volley, called simply "1968", premiers any night now. You just know how it's going to go. Sirhan, James Earl Ray, The Weathermen, Black Panthers- all the hot buttons will be portrayed in their most stereotyped manifestations. Was Hanks deliberately cast as Gump to give him cultural credibility later on as he twists history for CNN in favor of the oppressors? They'll portray both Nixon and LBJ as poor souls who were stuck between a rock and a hard place, when actually they were two of a kind. Both continued a murderous war spree in Vietnam- ruining the plans of any American male over 18 that couldn't afford a four year college education. But all the violence will somehow be blamed on college students, Hippies and Black people in the long run. They'll show all the old films from Chicago and demonize "violent protesters". What bands will they flash upon the screen? No Bob Dylan I bet. They will concentrate on DRUGS and SEX and VIOLENCE. All the positive events and endeavors during that era will be ignored. If they show a commune it will be some funky dome in New Mexico full of goat shit. If they show a protest there will be tear gas in every shot. Get my drift? Kids and college kids today are looking for some answers to the great American dilemma. They look to the 60's for a bit of guidance. That's why The Beatles are still an industry. Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and Dylan catalogues still outsell everybody else. Hanks says the most important film of 1968 was "The Graduate". Whaaat? It was entertaining and all, but you always knew Hoffman was going to wind up just like his Dad in the last reel. Living in Queens and taking the train into Manhattan every morning. So what? The really important film of 1968 was "2001: A Space Odyssey". Hands down. A year later "Easy Rider" really captured the zeitgeist and spirit of the late 60's. "Forrest Gump" played on sentimentality and left the real Revolution on the cutting room floor. But it made Hanks into someone people might trust when it came to explaining and portraying real American history. Thus he was sort of typecast as some independent iconoclast we could trust and used to propagate fairy tale versions of reality. Oswald, Sirhan, Hinckley, et al. I guess Hanks is just too busy to go on line and do some real research about important events. But my guess is he's been so thoroughly programmed into his "role" that's it's too late for that.

True! ...Dat! 24.May.2018 11:40

The Red 'X' Society

Tom Hanks came from Sacramento, Ca.

In a Interview on Johnny Carson, before the Fame and Prosperity he enjoys now, claimed on-air, "I chose the Actor/Director Package".

In or about 1986, Tom Hanks came into Five Star Texaco at the 'Y' in South Lake Tahoe, cross-dressed as a Woman. I made some comment that let him know I was aware of his attire in a joking manner while I manned the cashier desk at the gas station. Fellow co-workers were amused at the exchange.

Hanks, retorted, "Oh! ...I'm in a stage show up at the clubs."

-Tracy Mapes

(never saw 'Forrest Gump' and) RE: Tom Hanks 24.May.2018 12:59


Hanks has a proclivity for convenient participation in Hollywood projects that spotlight "socially recognized" phenomena.

for example the 'Apollo 13' film, which follows in a similar vein to 'Forrest Gump' in its present-tense nostalgic simulacrum of Baby-Boomer-era history.

then there's 1993's 'Philadelphia' emerging at the height of AIDS hysteria
(check out Peter Duesberg and what HTLV-III actually is not one human being has ever died of the CDS-sponsored hoax of "acquired immune deficiency" but they have, Of Course died of Kaposi's sarcoma, hemophilia and associated immunosuppressive illnesses).

he was ok in Spielberg's 'Saving Private Ryan' (which had its moments but again here even the great Steve Spielberg falls victim to nostalgia-simulacrum portrayal of U.S. infantry participation in latter-years Europe WWII).

never heard of CNN series "The Sixties" until now, but seems par for the course for a "real life" Now-Actually-Living-His-Typecast-Role Forrest Gump like Hanks catering per usual to the Boomer-era-obsessed, who naturally ignore post-1940s history of the CIA, Laos, Cambodia, Iran-Contra >> 9/11 et cetera

worse than I thought 28.May.2018 19:40


Good Grief Charlie Brown! It's worse than I thought. They have Nixon speechwriter and far right icon Pat Buchanan as an expert on what really happened that year. Imagine that- the racist minister of propaganda for Richard Nixon, the Goebbels of the war profiteering demons behind Vietnam is highlighted as an expert in objective history. CNN really morphed from a real news organization into a well oiled propaganda machine because of war. The Gulf War to be exact. Blitzer & Co. fed us the BS 24/7 about WMD's as ex-Pentagon staff became "expert commentators" on CNN. The Banana Republic-ization of cable MSM, with the Generals as experts flanking some pretty blonde "anchor" without a clue. The "soft" Nazification of news- plus the endless ads make fortunes for corporate pirates and ensure an easily manipulated brainwashed public. This abortion of a documentary never even mentions the possibility of multiple shooters in any of the major assassinations (and attempts) that year. Just takes it for granted Ray and Sirhan did it solo. You call that "journalism"? lol! CNN invented fake news decades ago. FOX is just bizarre and ignorant and crass- but CNN knows better but they don't care they're in league with Satan. He pays anchors well over six figures for dispensing endless lies about everything important. But Pat Buchanan! What a sorry toad that guy is. And of course there's Naftali, betraying RFK's memory and legacy with every breath as he reiterates his well rehearsed bullshit fingering Sirhan and ignoring bullet holes and slugs galore in the kitchen. Pics are on line too. They even try and elicit sympathy for Chicago's Mayor Richard Daley, who orchestrated the ruthless attacks on the city's demonstrators outside the Democratic Convention. Daley's buddy lost a son in 'Nam so supposedly Daley was secretly against the war. What a fairytale that is. All films of Daley that week show a smiling and gloating totalitarian barbarian who took great pride in demonizing and brutalizing the anti-war forces. The term "pig" really applied to him and always will. And Humphrey is portrayed as being against the war too. Although he never squeaked one word against it as LBJ's Vice President. The "Happy Warrior" was in reality the biggest political hack the Midwest ever produced. The biggest bullshitter ever represented anyone. The first "Mondale", and of course he fucking LOST. They even have Johnson's daughter remembering how "troubled" he was by the war. What a load of crap. LBJ was the war's top cheerleader and relished his role as Commander in Chief in a historic battle with Communism. He backed the lamest generals and drafted endless teenagers into his cauldron of endless death and pain for years on end. He was the engineer on the Vietnam corporate gravy train. Before he ever got to the White House he was a known gangster with known homicidal tendencies back in rip roarin' Texas. But according to CNN he was Abraham Lincoln. Hahahaha
the Ghost of Joe McCarthy
the Ghost of Joe McCarthy
The Devil's Advocate
The Devil's Advocate