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Where are the brave war heroes?

This combat veteran asks where are his fellow soldiers and vets as he is being attacked by a common enemy, fbi assassins.
GERAL SOSBEE former fbi Special Agent , Attorney,  Veteran
GERAL SOSBEE former fbi Special Agent , Attorney, Veteran
...and why does Portland Indymedia often prevent this vet from posting?

Where are the brave war heroes?
Posted by geral sosbee on May 27, 2018 at 7:00pm
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Where Are The Brave Soldiers When They Are Needed?
The disgraceful USA is shown by fbi attacks on this combat veteran by thugs, half wits, psychopaths and average citizens who seek to provoke a violent response in order to imprison me in jail or in a mental ward, at the pleasure of an insane federal magistrate judge.
The fbi also intentionally aggravates service connected injuries and renders me at times incapacitated by assaults from their DEW and ELF WEAPONRY.*

The fbi assassins have learned that due to my Viet Nam experiences, I am sensitive to abrupt assault & battery of my person especially when such crimes come at me from behind.
When I catch a fbi operative engaging in such provocative assaults, such as I proved in cases of Alonzo Yanez & Jose Solis, the prosecutors either let them off or refuse to prosecute them.
See proof that fbi terrorists used my service connected injuries to drive me to neuroses on two other occasions:
1)  https://www.academia.edu/33769959/VA.pdf
2) fbi sends a nurse to smother me while I was unconscious from a surgery for service connected injuries.
Where is U.S ARMY while the fbi cowards engage in these crimes and where are the brave marines and army combat troops when the see a fellow vet being tortured by fbi? Well, all such soldiers are hiding because they know that USA is evil and that they must support this deep state regime, right or wrong.