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(Roseanne Barr ABC Cancellation) Virtue Signaling Twitter-Era Euphemism For "Activism"

so Roseanne Barr made a reprehensible allusion in a Tweet.

and even Wing Nut Twitter-Spherers, have Piled On in droves with comments such as :


'Roseanne said something wrong. She made a mistake. I don't know why fellow conservatives are playing mental gymnastics trying to justify it."

All of this aside from the multi-billion dollar ABC network's decision to cancel the TV show entirely.

But in the 21st Century all you need is a Twitter account with tens of thousands of followers and by Default you're an automatic

'Internet Celebrity'

with a

'Valid Point Of View'.
never underestimate the power of Groupthink, particularly in the corporate-controlled internet era.

oink! 29.May.2018 17:48


She is a pig.

A very interesting article already saved.... 30.May.2018 15:06


I didn't really care one way or the other about being banned, but, after years working in finance, I do care about frauds and people scamming the less fortunate...


" First, Portland Indymedia gives you the ability to publish anonymously. I mean really anonymous. Even Portland Indymedia volunteers don't know who you are because, unlike Google, Twitter, Yahoo, blogs, social networks, etc, Portland Indymedia doesn't log your IP address or quietly save your personal information that you thought you deleted. The personal consequences of publishing your ideals or exposing corruption can be severe. Having to weigh the possibility of losing your job, housing, school opportunities, privacy, property, and even your freedom against the merits of speaking out often causes a chilling silence. Posting anonymously shelters you from this."

Perhaps that was true in 2010. But clearly that is not true today. There are few ways to block someone without blocking their IP and you need to know what it is.

Guess we'll find out if this comment goes up with a slight alteration of author name....

Interesting 30.May.2018 15:10


Wonder how many alterations before they throw the switch?

very interesting that DB [space] G keeps commenting 30.May.2018 16:56


but no one gives a flying **** about his existence.

( otherwise why would DB G keep showing up ? )

DB G: "But clearly that is not true today." 30.May.2018 16:58


why have the Internet in the first place?

@_ Dude, make up your mind... 30.May.2018 18:01

-dee -bee -gee

You don't care or you want to ask a question?

I'll try assuming it's not deleted:

"But clearly that is not true today."

was referring to this passage in Victory! comment:

" Portland Indymedia doesn't log your IP address or quietly save your personal information that you thought you deleted. "

Admittedly, that could have been clearer.

And thanks for confirming not only is IP traffic being recorded, but traffic is so sparse it's easy to identify people.

is there ever a point at which DBG comments on actual article topic? 30.May.2018 18:25



because DBG is not here to spur "reasonable discourse" or "exchange of ideas".

DBG has arrived on PDX IMC to _pollute_ and disrupt, in a Disinformational mode.

DBG, you honest-a-GDness think _we_ think you're here of Yr own accord? 30.May.2018 18:32


you really think we're believing Yr schtick that,

ol' DBG yaah, he just shows up here to "present the Other side" of issues...

he just wantsta present Da Facts of the matter(s)

he just wants an Honest discussion. Exchange ideas.

You really think we fell for that kind of bait, DBG?

that we think, that is the Altruistic reason for your presence here?

r _ o _ f _ l