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Asylum Seekers Heinously Abused By Trump, Sessions, Kelly, Nielsen, Miller Etc

a litany of crimes against the poor and helpless by Trump, Sessions and company
They come seeking asylum from violent gangs, repressive governments, religious persecuton etc. They are left on the Rio Grande bridge in sometimes 3 degree heat for as much as a week or more.

Their babies, toddlers, and children are seized, as the UN
and the world condemns Trump's, Sessions', Steve Miller's, General Kelly's, and Nielsen's heinous acts. 11,000 such children, said MSNBC, have now been taken. 1500 are missing. Some were found in a human trafficking situation, slave labor in an Ohio egg farm while the Republican AG DeWine did nothing.

Senator Merkley went to Texas to investigate. He went
inside 2 detention centers, but in the third this US senator
was denied admission and the police were called. He reported
that in 1 place, the children were kept in 10 x 12 or so
cages, like dogs in a kennel.

The ACLU has said that
often the children are kept in one place and the parents
sent to a different state. The ACLU has been in court when
a 53 week old infant was without family members as the judge
decided his fate. There are detention centers with 2 year olds
in them. The children are not receiving any schooling. Do
they get outside at all. The building into which Senator Merkley
was denied access was an abandoned WalMart with blacked out windows.

In some cases, parents have been deported and their children left behind in the US. "No child left behind" was the failed program of the GOP. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is one profiteer from privatized
prisons. Many of these detention centers (jails) are such privatized
prisons. Trump, advocate of torture, is acting out torture.

The GOP: 'party of family values'. What an obscenity.

 link to www.oregonlive.com

 link to www.latimes.com

homepage: homepage: http://www.oregonlive.com/politics/index.ssf/2018/06/sen_jeff_merkley_denied_entry.html

Sen. Merkley? OregonLive? L.A. Times? WTF?! 06.Jun.2018 17:46


why does anyone here,

care what Senator Jeff Merkley does?

and furthermore why would anyone here care what the Los Angeles Times, or the Oregonian, says?

RE: "The GOP: What an obscenity." and, Democrats / DNC? 06.Jun.2018 18:26


entire U.S. One-Party political system is of course a travesty.

Trump's *own party* raised millions in advance of the 2016 Convention, to _prevent_ hime being the Party nominee.
MOST MAINSTREAM REPUBLICANS [including those who extremely reluctantly cast vote for him Nov. 2016] **HATE** TRUMP.

As for the Democrats / Democratic Party after the events of Summer 2016?

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