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Parallels of USA today and Nazi Germany of times almost forgotten

This report reminds us all that human beings are continuing the tradition of torturing, maiming and murdering others at will. The fbi and the cia exemplify the degeneration of mankind.
Parallels of USA today and Nazi Germany of times almost forgotten

The fbi and the cia are modern day Nazis who engage in atrocities globally. Targets are identified as enemies, as they were in Nazi Germany, are isolated, labeled, tortured, imprisoned, and assassinated.

See photos from Nazi Germany and understand that the new torture and murder program by fbi/cia uses some of the same tactics used in Germany in the 30s and 40s.


See my reports of fbi's use of my apartment as a gas chamber; use of chemicals and bio-viral agents in efforts to maim or kill me. See my pleas to congress and SCOTUS in efforts to appeal to the law to stop the fbi. All efforts fail. I document for about 15 years the fbi's use of high technology often referred to as directed energy weaponry (DEW) and extremely low frequency sound waves (ELF) to torture and attempt to murder me.

See reports from my associates , including many from Facebook, who document several suicides by fbi Targets who just can't 'take it anymore'.

The fbi and the cia now secretly employ very sophisticated, electronic weaponry to accomplish slow torture, maiming and death of selected Targets. The general population, by virtue of the internet, is charged with the knowledge of these atrocities and do nothing. Even the descendants of the * Holocaust often deny reports such as mine because no one wants to believe that a new Nazi-type monster is let loose on the world in the form of USA's intelligence services which today include MI6, Surete, SS, et al.


So, I ask the reader's indulgence as I borrow the data shown below to help make my point that crimes against humanity by our government continues unabated. I am indebted to the author of the following data for clarifying points that closely parallel some of my reports of fbi/cia atrocities here in United States of America.

The following information is edited by me and is borrowed from:


fbi/cia/nsa Nazis label and isolate dissidents, unemployed & homeless, activists, homosexuals, political prisoners, and the mentally and physically disabled. Some are passively killed by starvation and widespread disease. Millions are murdered in attacks by the police and fbi .

Many of our people are gunned down on the streets, falsely imprisoned and beaten to death by cops and fbi.
Although Adolf Hitler is often perceived as the chief perpetrator in Nazi Germany, there are others. Perpetrators today are quasi USA Nazi party leaders, bankers, professors, military officials, doctors, journalists, engineers, judges, authors, lawyers, salesmen, police, and civil servants. See my reports on fbi's use of military intelligence, high level cops and simple minded street cops to threaten and try to kill  me. See my reports on university officials at University of Texas (including deranged cops), federal judges, et al., who pile on in efforts to fabricate a way to imprison me.

A few of my recent posts are at:
Other reports are scattered across the internet and include photos of some fbi operatives sent to harass and kill me. In My Story in Detail upstanding citizens are identified as fbi operatives trying to terrorize, or kill me. These people are not at first glance likely perpetrators. Yet, they become terrorists right in my face.
Perpetrators commit crimes against  undesirables for many reasons. They want power. They believe in an ideology of racial cleansing. They profit financially, displace their anger from their own failures, or are perhaps "following orders."  
fbi/cia's war against USA's domestic enemies is waged with court decrees, a continuous flow of propaganda and control of media, and ever present violence. See my WRIT and my reports on retarded, psychopathic and violent federal magistrate judges..

Legal policies
. The fbi now seeks to control who are admitted into the professions in USA. As in Nazi Germany many Targets are banned from civil service, the legal, medical, and dental professions, teaching positions, cultural and entertainment enterprises, and the press. Many are separated politically, socially, and legally from other Americans. many are denied housing and are forced to live on the streets. 

Propaganda employs techniques which assume that the masses are not individuals capable of forming their own opinions. Propaganda relies on emotion rather than on logic, concentrates on a few points which are presented in simple terms, and then hammers those points repeatedly. So, today no main street media covers the atrocities that I and others chronicle. See reports from my two closest allies: BARBARA HARTWELL AND RAMOLA DHARMARAJ.



The fbi is proud of their 'tough on crime' image and they intend to convince the general population that the ruthless, violent and deadly treatment of accused criminals is needed to protect society. The fbi seeks to instill terror in the minds of their subjects.
My suggestion to remedy the problem

Murderous corruption of our global society:


" We must be ruthless...Only thus shall we purge our people of their softness...I don't want the concentration camps transformed into penitentiaries. Terror is the most effective political instrument...It is my duty to make use of every means of training the German people to cruelty, and to prepare them for war...There must be no weakness or tenderness."

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