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Just another day at the office

city hall and the feds
Wednesday June 20th

Got thrown out of the City Council again today about 11:15 because I objected to the mayor appointing members to a committee without them even showing up. There was no public comment allowed to the appointments because the mayor and your favorite shit eudaly listed the appointees as a report. This seems to be an indicator that the mayor and members of the group of 5 shits don't want to hear any evaluation of their buddies on these endless committees. Did not push
to close the council down because I had to go over to the federal court to drop off yet another brief to defend the 1st Amendment. There is a fun story with me and the "Chief Deputy City Attorney" Robert Taylor.

I had to drop off a copy of the brief to the C.A. office and asked to speak with someone who had some knowledge of "Sanctuary City."
Here was my question to Robert, We have declared Portland, Oregon a Sanctuary City and yet our police work with ICE and yesterday they arrested a person who was at the ICE compound; how can you do that?

His answer was, the police will do their jobs. I was outraged.

My next question to the attorney was what does "Sanctuary City" mean? He did not give me a coherent answer to that one and we were both getting a little angry, so I told him that he was full of shit and did my Irish exit. If ICE comes for the undocumented then will we stand in front of them or hide like cowards? I think we will be alone and the politicians will be nowhere to be found; they are cowards.

Mimi was there to ask a question at the council, I was traveling so did not see her presentation but she is one hell of a human being and most likely did good. Tomorrow I will go to county and blast wheeler for not letting us speak on his appointees, the city arresting people and finally the news that the ICE facility is being closed. The mayor and governor are missing in action and those wonderful souls who are spending their time to object to ICE should be honored and cheered.

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