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" Watching Indymedia dance to the tune of corporate media hysteria is sad. "

on another article  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2018/06/436166.shtml topic discussion thread,

commenter Erasmus made the remark that [QUOTE]:
" Watching Indymedia dance to the tune of corporate media hysteria is sad. "

He's not remarking, about a few corporate media articles which occasionally are re-posted here to Indymedia ( a normal and acceptable practice which sometimes exposes activists to topics that are little-covered elsewhere, even in independent sources, and-or are otherwise obscured by the deluge of useless and distractionary™ corporate media coverage output).

He is referencing the 'Band Wagon' practice this week, of supposed Immigrant Rights activists being *SUCKERED* into believing that separation of children — and More Broadly, the U.S. illegal immigrants — is a 'new' issue due to the Sessions/Justice Department policy (and by methods of Psychological Projection the Trump administration itself and Trump's own family members themselves).

So what is all of this, rather sudden, 'Follow Our Nose' "activism" from the left?

It all is indeed, as Erasmus said, sad. Let's take a look.
Directly below this article, on the Newswire (still up and not deleted by Indymedia Workerbees is a double-posting of an article entitled


which features a TIME magazine cover.

Apparently this cover features a Honduran girl who was supposedly, "separated" from her mother.


The crying Honduran girl on the cover of Time was not separated from her mother, father says
The widely shared photo of the little girl crying as a U.S. Border Patrol agent patted down her mother became a symbol of the families pulled apart by the Trump administration's "zero tolerance" policy at the border, even landing on the cover of Time magazine.

But the girl's father confirmed to The Washington Post on Thursday night that his child and her mother were not separated.

In addition, the record shows that the Trump administration (even with the recent Justice Department child separationpolicy),
has not even COME CLOSE TO or approached the amount of deportation proceedings affecting immigrant families over the past decade under the Obama administration

WHERE were all the Anti-ICE activists then?

on Twitter / social media, fiddling with their mobile phones about the Plight of immigrants?

Informational articles from our own Newswire :

Protect Immigrants' Rights: End The Crises That Drive Migration

The U.S. Has Been In The Business Of Breaking Up Families For Years

ICE under Obama averaged 309,887 arrests per year from 2009-2012, while ICE under Trump averaged 139,553 in 2017.

Obama set records between 2008 and 2014 with the number of people arrested and placed in deportation proceedings under S-Comm.

In 2014, President Obama put hundreds of families in immigration detention but federal courts stopped them from holding families for months without trial, resulting in the release of families to return for trial.
( Trump has taken the approach of arresting the parents and holding the children. )

In January 2016, the Obama administration openly targeted immigrant families for arrest, separation, and deportation via early dawn raids. It was part of an explicit strategy to attempt to scare people fleeing death and abuse in their home countries from crossing the US border.

From 2009 to 2016, Obama oversaw the forcible removal of more than 3 million undocumented immigrants.

The Trump administration has not come close to Obama's record level of deportations.

Sad is right 22.Jun.2018 10:02

F You

Jesus you use this website like your addicted to it, yet constantly chide & chastise them and make rude snark comments towards pimc - what an asshole!

RE: "Sad is right " — 22.Jun.2018 11:10

**** _YOU_.

" Jesus you use this website like your addicted to it "

12 posts about the "Immigrant Emergency" and "Nazi Kidnapping",

in just 5 days?!?

after corp

WHO THE ***K is "addicted" ?

" yet constantly chide & chastise them and make rude snark comments towards pimc - "

"rude snark"




" what an asshole! "

Name calling / ad hominem is your sole recourse?
After the pointlessness of nose-following what Corporate Media has *BAITED* You with?


Corporate Mass Media gets in a FAKE Hissy Fit and all of a sudden,

only _this week_ (After a DECADE of Obama-administration ripping-children-away-from-migrant-parents)

a DOZEN articles about the supposed "Atrocity" are *suddenly* posted to Portland Indymedia?

until this week of June 2018, migrants and their plight DIDN'T EXIST?




Expecting nuance? Perhaps you have the wrong indymedia? 22.Jun.2018 15:25

this is news

"( a normal and acceptable practice which sometimes exposes activists to topics that are little-covered elsewhere, even in independent sources, and-or are otherwise obscured by the deluge of useless and distractionary™ corporate media coverage output). "

As nuanced and reasonable as that sounds, the fact of the matter is the current portland indy regime are "anarchist" purity ponies who DO claim that indy should NEVER repost omg evil MSM corporate news stories, will delete them on whim, then pivot and repost their own selected MSM corporate stories, and delete most comments pointing this out.

And you are so incompetent they still don't have a compost bin for 2017/2018. Perhaps Era wandered in from LA indymedia...

It should be widely know they were not separated 22.Jun.2018 15:41


I first heard of this mother and daughter story from this interview with the photographer who took the pic. He clearly states that the two were put in a ICE vehicle together. I have not seen nor heard anything that states otherwise. Anyone have links?

The story: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2018/06/18/i-wanted-to-stop-her-crying-the-image-of-a-migrant-child-that-broke-a-photographers-heart/?utm_term=.41696e95f9a3

Found it 22.Jun.2018 16:13


Just saw that Time incorrectly stated that they had been separated and are now running a correction. Way to go Time. Great time to fuck up. Iconic optic though.

shout out to: 'this is news' — 22.Jun.2018 18:45


Hey, thanks for reading and comprehending that part of the post.

yes it seems sort of common sense (and was pretty typical-standard practice here at Portland Indymedia for many years; although they went through Stasi! phases of No Deviation From Purity)....

as you note, Ideologically-Rigid "anarchist" purity ponies have absolutely Poisoned and sabotaged entire swaths of so-called 'left' activism in the post-9/11 era. Many of the taken-for-granted basic support and methods of "older"-Left antiwar, Labor activism, advocacy for poverty, and other movements have been diluted and reduced to:

Black Hoodies vs. Neo-Nazis (or Red-Hat Trump)

brickbats in street clashes, which have been reduced to pale comedy in the eyes of most mainstream Americans of whatever political leaning.

Meanwhile the "left" is supposedly represented by Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders or ? (some other wing of the Democrats).

Crying girl isn't the only deception 23.Jun.2018 14:35


I've been watching news reports and noticed the pictures and videos of supposedly separated children were actually a detention center for unaccompanied minors (all boys, no girls):  https://www.cnn.com/2018/05/29/us/immigration-refugee-child-missing-hhs-obama-photo-trnd/index.html

There is also the photo of the crying little boy in a cage. Truth was reported on CNN.  https://www.cnn.com/2018/06/18/us/photo-migrant-child-cage-trnd/index.html

It was a staged protest by a latino advocacy group. While there are still claims of kids possibly being in cages, it seems strange that nobody could sneak a picture of any.

From the article:

Journalist and filmmaker Jose Antonio Vargas posted the photo last week on Twitter, saying: "This is what happens when a government believes people are 'illegal'. Kids in cages."

When confronted about the falsehood Mr. Vargas said this:

"Telling me that I shouldn't post an image that, as it happened, was from a protest that staged what is actually happening at the border is like saying actors shouldn't portray characters and situations based in real life," he wrote on Twitter. "This is not a 'cause' for me. This is real."

It's quite an operation being mounted here, this much media space and effort to mislead has to have support from on high.

(RE: deception) Yeah well that's OK because isn't it RIGHTEOUS anyway? — 23.Jun.2018 18:08


[QUOTE]: "This is real."

Facts have been replaced by theater.

because these days, Theater (in the end) is all that matters.

RE: News reportage, I prefer it consist of facts. (and what is so exceedingly difficult about properly collating and presenting facts?)

Theater, that I can seek out on my own.

see also: