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Let's get this guy fired #DOXXALLYOURBOYS

another patriot prayer thug
Time for another installment in #DoxxAllYourBoys

Now that you've got your fingers warmed up, lets go on to this week's ☎️PHONE JAM!☎️ You are likely aware of Russell Schultz. If you aren't aware of him from Patriot Prayer, his truck being used in an assault June 8th may have put him on your radar.
Please join us in contacting Precision Cast Parts about their employee Russell Schultz (details about Schultz can be found below.) Speak to the Precision Cast Parts Corp HR department and their Communications department, and inform them that Russell Schultz is a violent member of the Proud Boys hate group. Schultz has posted threating social media posts, and assaulted community members and activists. On June 8, 2018 he and other Proud Boys assaulted a random person on NE Broadway. He openly claims to work with white nationalists and fascists in order to threaten and attack activists. He is homophobic and a misogynist. Tell them that the community will not stand for employees of corporations in the Portland area invading downtown in order to assault activists, and to defend fascists spreading hate and intolerance.
Precision Cast Parts Corp, 4650 SW Macadam Avenue Suite 400 Portland, OR 972394 503-777-3881 (press 9 to use the phone directory to contact Dave Coates - 262 is the number in the directory, you then need to wait for a second listing of employees to hit 2 - this will take you direct to Dave Coates)

Schultz works at the PCC Structurals Facility at 4600 SE Harney Dr, Portland, OR 97206

MORE FROM ROSE CITY ANTIFA  https://rosecityantifa.org/articles/pb-3/

Oh indymedia and rca are friends again? 24.Jun.2018 20:08


Good news...?

Oops more evidence of the 9/11 twoof antisemitism intersection 29.Jun.2018 10:22

don't look good

"Schultz makes light of an anti-semitic banner hung by neo-Nazis after Joey Gibson's June 4th 2017 rally."

In case anyone forgot the conspiracy crazies antisemite 9/11 twoof activities reported by RCA in the past:

Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance Hosts Right-Wing Bomber Courtesy of Citybikes President, Tim Calvert

"While another member of the 9/11 Truth Alliance with his own long history of anti-Jewish activism--Tim Titrud--used his email to announce the 2011 "Continuing Education for Dissident Citizens" event at which Fritz Springmeier gave his presentation, Citybikes president Tim Calvert was also deeply involved."

"The Alliance followed this up by sending several of its members to a talk by notorious Holocaust ‐ denier David Irving when Irving passed through Portland on July 19, 2009. After all this excitement—including opposition from militant anti ‐ fascists—the Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance hosted a return visit of Mary Starrett on August 12, 2009, according to an announcement from 9/11 Truth Alliance leader Tim Titrud. It should also be noted that Titrud is active in Believers Against the War—the Constitution Party of Oregon's front in the anti ‐ war movement."

This is important because elswhere on the internet Titrud has been involved with a website that explicitly pushes the idea "Jews did 911" like on the freeway banner(and of course is reported to hang 911 banners himself)


oh yeah, and then theres this from RCA:

"The Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance gave Springmeier his first public speaking event following release from federal prison; a video of Springmeier's rambling speech recorded by event attendee Joe Any body is available online . "

December 2017: Looks Like You (They?) Got Your (Their?) Wish— 01.Jul.2018 12:50


"Proud Boys" Founder Wants to "Trigger the Entire State of Oregon"

Dec 12, 2017

Portland Indymedia Hosts *Gavin McInnes* (VICE.com)-sourced article > 01.Jul.2018 13:03



Why is Portland Indymedia hosting material sourced from one of Rose City Antifa's greatest adversaries, Gavin McInnes/VICE.com ?