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Reunite an immigrant parent with their child

$20,231,503 raised of $25,000,000!
FAQs about who RAICES is, what they will use the money for, other ways you can help:  https://bit.ly/2Kd0XnE Preguntas más frecuentes (en español):  https://tinyurl.com/y7b8lrav

Update video from RAICES:  https://www.facebook.com/raicestexas/videos/10156008679169678/

We are raising money for RAICES ( https://www.facebook.com/raicestexas), the largest immigration legal services provider in Texas. For years, RAICES has been working with some of the most vulnerable members of our society to ensure they receive advocacy and fair legal representation. RAICES directly funds bond to allow parents to reclaim their detained children. They will ensure legal representation for every separated family and every unaccompanied child in Texas' immigration courts (last year, 76% of kids (over 13,000!) did not have representation). They will work to get these children and parents the psychological care they will need after this experience.

President Trump recently announced he will end his family separation policy, but as of Thursday morning, his administration apparently has no plan to reunite the more than 2300 families already separated. His new policy is short on details and continues to promote the incarceration of children. This is unacceptable.

In a policy environment like this, RAICES' work becomes more important than ever, and they are ready to move fast. These families need legal representation, counseling and other crucial services that RAICES will be able to provide to more people at a greater and faster scale than ever before because of these funds.

Make no mistake that the administration is changing course because people spoke out. You spoke out. You showed that you're not okay with this, that none of this okay, and that you won't stand for it. This fundraiser started with the hope of reuniting maybe one family, but it grew. It grew so big that it couldn't be ignored. It grew to a community, to a place that will help all families separated. And it's groups like this and people like you that are responsible for progress in a matter of days, so that mothers and fathers can hug their children again.

Your voice and actions matter. Keep them going strong.

MATCH ALERT: this fundraiser has been matched up to 362K by several private donors. Thank you, matchers!! We're still looking for more matching donors - PM an organizer if you can help!

you forgot 27.Jun.2018 03:45


that 20,000+ of them came here/ were sent, ALONE, in 2016. Nobody removed them from their parents but their parents did! sent them alone UNPROTECTED with STRANGERS thru a deadly desert. !!!