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Politics / Political Agendas-Statements-Protest In America Has Lost Its-Their Meaning

both the "left" and "right" today, year 2018 in the United States are entirely bereft of meaning,
under the 4-Decade-Ago-Reagan[Actually Run By Vice President GHWB]-Instigated Corporate Capitalist Plutocracy.

refusal of both sides to Comprehend the connections between Arkansas-Governor-Bill+Hillary Clinton's role in 1980s Iran-Contra Operations, later followed up in connection with Bushes and Project For New American Century / 11 September 2001 project (Iraq illegal invasion and occupation predicated on Saddam Hussein 9/11 involvement),

has left all political Face Book Restaurant Bloggers with Outrage About LBGTWTFBBQ, mentally incapacitated about the true Non-Partisan nature of the actual regime to which they are utterly subject.

Bread and Circuses is supplied in the form of continual 'left vs. right' manufactured "clashes", such as what the more radical left continues to supply (apparently ?? on their own, though the right insist they are "Soros funded" ...) in the form of Bash-A-Nazi-For-Stazzi Day.

Boycott / "shame-protest" restaurant patrons is somehow, the cutting edge of "protest", 'movement for change' or "raising awareness" ?
Connect the dots.

when the **** are you going to wake the **** up?

But which side are on 28.Jun.2018 14:19

End Goal

Lots of tactics and angles to work, some seem trite while others more radical, some seem educational while others seem intellectual.

fair enough 28.Jun.2018 14:31


( thanks for the reply )

ok I see what you are saying: Diversity of responses, tactics

but what if the Entity solely focused on, for example "Trump" , "Sessions" , "Nazis"

is just a phantom threat?

fair enough 2.0 28.Jun.2018 14:32


( thanks for the reply )

ok I see what you are saying: Diversity of responses, tactics etc.

But the question is, what is the Entity being fought against?

if you solely identify the Entity as "Trump" , "Sessions" and such -

are you really targeting the _actual_ threat?

Good point 28.Jun.2018 14:57

End Goal

I also see your point and your concerns, & just wondering if you used more honey rather than vinegar you might have better results by not alienating those that are seeing only the shallow "popular target & issue " as you eloquently punted out. I suggest "suggesting" ideas and focus points along with reminders or intelligent pro active ideas, allowing for and fostering mutual concern rather than chastising those who are not getting it. If we are all going in the same direction then let's not loose folks along the way due to infighting or demoralized verbiage. The movement needs good leaders and smart articulating to keep this fabric from shredding.

I don't have any problem with broadly varied tactics / methods 28.Jun.2018 15:03


what I'm trying to emphasize is (in a simple phrase) :


( when frivolous "targets" get broad Corporate Mass Media / Social Media attention, and thence take hold in the minds of young activists; then what kind of 'focus points' and 'moral reinforcement' is being served? ... )

Ok 28.Jun.2018 15:27

End Game

I like your explanation, I think encouraging in a positive light will resonate better with young activist (for example). In my opinion if it's not coming across as a concern - "positive" tip or helpful suggestion it can appear that it's just criticism and if your ideas are not understood as being helpful or insightful they can be seen a a challenge and stemming from the opposition.

People can get easily sidetracked these days with a plethora of news / actions. Have solid insight available from friendly sources seems hopeful and encouraging.