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You Judge North Korea's Assassination,And Greg Abbott's Future Texas Hank Skinner Murder

The only difference what North Korea's leader ordered up for his half brother and what former Texas Attorney General now Governor Greg Abbott's demons are continuing to implement against Texas Hank Skinner,the demons used Arizona vs Youngblood,an admitted lying witness and a future planned unjustified lethal injection..
We find Texas Governor Greg Abbott's demons to be the most dangerous in our American Government. Greg Abbott without a deliverance from his current 666 entities,should never be considered any ability to one day, aspire to become an elected occupant of the U.S. Presidential Oval Office.

New video shows attack on Kim Jong Un's half brother  https://youtu.be/zF2z6o2NlqE via @YouTube

#DeathPenaltyFail: A Lethal Injection  https://youtu.be/LOwcyNTsaZ4 via @YouTube