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The New Republic: 'Bernie Sanders Is Not The Left'

so The New Republic posted this several days ago :

Bernie Sanders Is Not the Left
His refusal to endorse ICE's abolition is the latest evidence that he's not the politician that many believe him to be.

By Sarah Jones
June 26, 2018

Let's take a look at "reasoning" behind this, what Sanders is up to, and what the so-called "left" Democrat Party is up to these days.
In this article, TNR claims [quote]:

But by seeming to support ICE's continued existence, Sanders has put a wedge between himself and those seeking to pick up the torch he carried in 2016.

They also suggest/put forth new political figures such as [quote]: "Insurgent left-wing candidates like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez"...

as being the purported 'vanguard' of a "new" (?) Left.

IN addition to Oregon's own Congressman Earl Blumenauer, who [quote] "voted against [ICE]'s creation, wrote in a Medium post on Sunday that it's time to "abolish ICE and start over.""

So, according to The New Republic :

1) Abolishing ICE 'ought' to be a basic Left platform
2) because Sanders won't toe that exact line, he's automatically excluded from being "authentic Left" (whatever the ***K that is)

The New Republic wraps up Sanders [quote]:
"...he is not a doctrinaire leftist... based on his ICE comments and the uneven results of his campaign efforts, Sanders no longer seems like such a sure figurehead for disgruntled Democratic voters."

TNR goes even further, implying that Sanders is somehow not even on par with European labour advocates [quote]:
"Sanders isn't just to the right of the average American socialist; he's to the right of Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the U.K.'s Labour Party. While nationalization is a key pillar of the party's platform, it is ground politicians in the United States still fear to tread."

I may not have voted for Sanders in 2016 and I'm not on board with his 'socialist' (is it, really?) general platform positions; but Sanders as implied and asserted by The New Republic somehow 'not a Leftist'?
I mean sure, the Democrats are a War Party (and in that sense IDENTICAL to GOP) and Sanders has a long pro-National Security State foreign policy record in Congress even before joining the Democrat Party.

Even if not a "true Socialist", how in the HELL is a "true Socialist" (she's not but just for sake of argument-example here) such as Ocasio-Cortez, going to make headway within the War Party DNC? Particularly after the documented BackStabbing of Berniebots, July 2016?

and Earl Blumenauer, in the Portlandia Oasis, somehow being a "standard bearer" / bleeding edge for the Democratic Party (which sure, he is to some extent), let along Left politics more broadly in America?

It's one thing to say-claim that Sanders is "not a Socialist"; or even that he's "not a Democrat".

But that he's "not Left"?!?

if Bernie, in the broad sense of U.S. politics of the past 30 years, is _not_ leftist, then what the **** is a "leftist"? And no, you can't hand pick the miniscule fraction of a few Unicorn U.S. representatives in Congress as examples, e.g. (now-retired) Dennis Kucinich.

If no "leftists" exist in Congress (no, Blumenauer IS NOT a "leftist") then what is the point of participating in representative voter politics in America?

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