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The Security and Safety of Geral Sosbe?

Now, I know a lot of you on this site would be quick to discount Geral's participation as paranoia, but in my best judgement Geral has always been open and honest about the persecution he suffers at the hands of Law-Enforcement an Government.
What brought on my concern in this matter, was a News Story in which Geral Sosbe was a named person on a flier that was distributed on cop cars in Texas, that were supposedly also laced with the narcotic fentenyl, and the fact that his posting history on Portland Indy Media ceased about 1 month ago.

My concern is that someone might try to ascertain Geral's current state of Safety, considering the fentanyl story sounds bogus due to the fact fentanyl is generally prescribed as a pain reliever, and that skin contact is not sufficient to cause health concerns. Targeted Individuals are not the types to strike out at others when they are presenting arguments for Illegal Activity, but rather seeking some assistance in relieving the harassment that began their conversation.

Story Examples




Fliers Test Negative for Fentanyl



Additional Flier Information


This abuse of Law-Enforcement power in conjunction with Media is indicative of "Gaslighting" practices to discredit individuals and cast them in a bad light. This should be of a major concern especially here at Portland Indy Media, because while some may balk at such occurrences, in the fact is, no matter what your "Cause" may be? ...the only ones to look out for Us, as concerned Citizens, is Us.

I hope you are Well? Geral Sosbe. If anyone can affirm Geral's status? I would appreciate it.

Ending this organized harassment should be a community priority.

-Tracy Mapes