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Robert Redford Reveals "The Sting" TX Gov Greg Abbott's Demons Pulled on Hank Skinner

Texas political prisoner Hank Skinner has waited 20+ years for a caring heart to finally set the record straight on his innocence. We thank movie producer Robert Redford for having the heart of a lion.
How can Texas Governor Greg Abbott's demons get away with first attempting to murder-execute Hank Skinner without any DNA tests, followed by the destruction of the man's most crucial DNA exoneration evidence, and still want to execute-murder him, as if that crucial evidence never existed?


An unidentified persons fingerprints found on the murder weapon, along with the only witness that testified in court against Hank Skinner admitting publicly, that she lied due to police intimidating her with threats of going to jail herself,makes one really frightened about the amount of influence Greg Abbott's Demons have over his rationality in making decisions?

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does Robert Redford, Hank Skinner, Texas have to do with Siskiyou National Forest in Southern Oregon?

GET RID OF THIS ("North Korea", "Pope Francis"??!?) TRASH, ALSO :

North Korea's Assassination,And Greg Abbott's Future Texas Hank Skinner Murder

Pray Pope Francis Follows Pope John Paul in Preventing The Texas Murder of Hank Skinner..

To: Biscuit Boy 03.Jul.2018 19:02

Tracy Mapes

This is why you may find stories from around the World on Portland Indy Media.


The collapse of Independent Media Centers, due to Government seizure of servers, the destruction of protesters and dissident since the Occupy Movement, and a lack of motivated activist with dwindling economic resources.

So, act locally, and think Globally, may have come to roost at Portland Indy Media for better or worse, as one of the last independent locations to share with the World and like minded People who still may give a fuck about something, other than themselves.

Take Cake.

Tracy Takes The Cake 03.Jul.2018 19:33


hey Tracy,

I don't mind reading random stuff on the Newswire from time to time. And understood what you say about gradual post-Occupy 'degradation'.

but, 3 incomprehensible-yet-loosely-associated postings within the past week from the same-named author is not appropriate or useful.

This isn't a chat room or place for people to "Toss Trash And See If It Sticks".

Keep it coherent, usable, useful to readers. Or keep your mitts away from keyboards / device screens.

That's why your troll participation shows up so clearly. 03.Jul.2018 20:28

The Red 'X' Society

Try to re-read your two post, and then think self-moderation.

Quite frankly, I'm shocked by Robert Redford's participation in anything other than crisis actor development, so I guess the article achieved interest.

"troll participation" defined as: Those who post BATs*** nonsense to Wire. 03.Jul.2018 21:03


I'm done here.

and **** all the nonsensical Bandwidth-Sucking Newswire "articles"

not that 'Volunteer' gives a **** about this, or others