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"The requested URL /en/compost/compost2018.shtml was not found on this server."

and hey, just a heads up :

noticed that you deleted the Google Autocomplete story,

about post-J30 "portland antifa" / "antifa portland" search results.
^that was a fully relevant story about how a Locally-based group is obtaining publicity for our community.

garbage in 06.Jul.2018 12:49


garbage out

Addendum (RE: Eugene + Rose City Antifa) 06.Jul.2018 13:11


( in addition to the Google Autocomplete spiking of 'portland antifa' ) Am aware of the online social media exchanges, of threats between Eugene Antifa and Proud Boys of the past week.

On both sides, looks like testosterone has trumped ideology or defending justice.
(Amazing how down through the generations of 20- to 30-year-old white European males that continues to prove true...)

upcoming August 4th, the Proud Boys have scheduled another event in Portland, with a couple others coordinated nearby in Washington.

for the event I'm just cracking open a cold one while the trash comes in and is taken out.

so, ---> Answer please from PDX IMC about the current Compost? 06.Jul.2018 13:12


where is the Compost page

by what means can it be accessed

(or, Compost page / function no longer exists?)

why is Portland Indymedia hosting Gavin McInnes (VICE.com)-sourced info? 06.Jul.2018 13:17

p.s. speaking of Compost

and, Also saw you deleted the Portland Activist pedophile sentencing 06.Jul.2018 13:19


story, nice selective editing there.

I'll find it again and repost it though (the original story, on his 1st sentencing from a few months agon is still a PDX IMC article link).

Cognitive dissonance in full force at Portland Indymedia.

RE: "garbage in/out" "I feel like I'm being treated like trash". 06.Jul.2018 14:39