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"join the debate on Facebook" (and-or Twitter) Corporate Media Surveillance Trap?

^ This phrase with embedded URL is commonly seen on many news-provider sites. Most often it appears at the end of an online article.

precisely when did this become a phrase to use, for websites providing political content?

Facebook (and Twitter) themselves, recommended to the site developers that it be included at the conclusion of their article pages to increase traffic?

Surveillance profiling of online users with corporate profit motive, is the only logical reason I can see for including this as "standard" / default for a news or political site.

Why, voluntarily, get into political debates on the Facebook corporate surveillance platform? What is the benefit to that, for you or the movement?

For (so-called) progressive or Radical Left activists, 100% of their energy ought to be focused on DESTRUCTION and encouraging the demise of Facebook and Twitter.
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