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Trump Has Increased US Deficit By 4 to 5 Trillion Dollars

The Trump regime under the guise of cutting government costs has increased them. Between 4 and 5 trillion dollars in costs have been added to the deficit enriching Chinese, Swiss, Japanese, British and American banksters.
Trump Deficit and other costs
a 2.3 trillion added to deficit for govt welfare to the rich and to corporations
b. 1.5 trillion for increased arms purchases
c. Hundreds of billions to continues with wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Somalia etc.The MOAB bomb alone with its devastating environmental impact dropped by General Nicholson cost 16 million dollars.
d. The war glorifying and egotistical military parade is estimated to cost 30 million dollars
e. The increased costs of ICE and expanded border guards
f. Billions in court costs for countless thousands of arrested immigrants
g. Billions in costs of imprisoning kidnapped children in some places and their parents elsewhere
h. $137,000 already the Secret Service is forced to pay to Trump golf courses for the cost of renting golf carts with which to protect him
i. Tens of millions in Secret Service costs to protect the trophy hunter Trump sons...as they hunt in Iowa, Montana etc.
j. Trump has cost more Secret Service
than any other president. When he goes to Florida..it is not just Secret Service and local police but the Coast Guard which are required to protect him.
k. Trump's sanctions against Iran, Venezuela, and Russia, nations with more socialist programs and less loanshark capitalist domination have
caused Americans to pay much more at the gas tank. Increasing gas prices raises prices for much of the economy.
l. Trump's tariff program directed at Mexico, Canada, China, Europe are hurting US businesses and decreasing
tax revenue.

Trump on pace to surpass 8 years of Obama's travel spending in 1 year
 link to thehill.com
Trump's Military Parade Could Cost $30 Million - The New York Times
 http://mercurynews.com cartoon source

homepage: homepage: http://https://www.politico.com/story/2018/02/28/tax-cuts-trump-gop-analysis-430781

good, it will hasten the Total Economic Collapse, then. 23.Jul.2018 00:05


yeah I don't get all the people on either side, critizing _or_ fawning over the Trump administration's economic policy potential.

Key to all of this :

Financial slavery in the form of FIAT currency and the "Federal" reserve.

it matters Not One Bit, what a particular politician or political party's 'economic platform' is, nor the "Amount Of Money That Politician/Political Party Added To the NatDebt", when the entire economic regime is founded on false (make that utterly BOGUS) premises to begin with.

I'm waiting for the financial collapse. Could be via several different avenues/means.... foreign bond recalls, currency wars, runaway inflation, electronic freezing (or virus-hacking infection) of global assets..... Any number of things could cause the total collapse of global and U.S. dollar-based finance.

curious 23.Jul.2018 12:09


And I am curious in a legitimate way - what will you do in the event of a massive financial collapse? What is your plan to survive and be comfortable in that scenario?

"What is your plan to survive" good question, Clyde. 23.Jul.2018 21:17


We ought all (in such a scenario) be asking ourselves that.

As you're probably aware there are persons known as 'preppers'; websites and discussion boards have information on these things.

For myself: (at this point) pretty sure I am not going to be "be comfortable in that scenario"...

I have a little bit of 'prep' for a local, temporary emergency such as for example, an earthquake or short-term power outage.

but a financial collapse could possibly entail a WROL (without rule of law) situation at least for a certain period of time in addition to major utility outages and lack of basic food supply to large urban areas.

Generally it's a good idea to have water, some storable food, means of protection (firearms and ammunition included) and basic tools stashed and ready. Seeds, methods and patches of land to grow food are also helpful. All of this is stuff that should be on hand, already (because of course everyone's bank accounts for 'purchasing' will be locked or deleted).

Radio (not wireless internet / microwave) communication devices are good to have.

Also, a small trusted network of friends and acquaintances in your area that you can rely on and have awareness of some of the above 'preps', can be helpful. Emphasis on 'trusted' (which can be a problem and needs to be "verified" by you alone).

( Caveat: if by circumstance or chance the U.S. government happens to impose martial law, the best thing one can do in that situation is remove yourself from large urban areas. Difficult to know the exact parameters and circumstances of a 'martial law' scenario. )

Makes sense 23.Jul.2018 22:00


I have some degree of that already, mostly for earthquake prep. Ham radio, some backup power, and a few guns. Long term food is always the big question mark for me, and balancing that with getting out of the city.