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Aurora, Colorado PD Reinstates Cop Caught Calling Black People 'Alabama Porch Monkeys'

Updated Jul 30, 6:48 PM; Posted Jul 30, 6:32 PM

The city of Aurora, Colorado will not appeal the controversial reinstatement of a cop the city's police chief tried to fire after he was heard making a racist remark on a body camera recording, according to local news reports.

Lt. Charles DeShazer was recorded in June 2016 saying "we got the Alabama porch monkeys contained" in reference to a crowd of African Americans gathered around the scene of a police chase, KDVR Fox 31 news.

Aurora Police Chief Nick Metz fired DeShazer in August 2017.

"That's not representative of the Aurora Police Department. We're better than that," Metz told Fox 31 News.

DeShazer appealed his firing to the Civil Service Commission. The commission overruled Metz decision to fire DeShazer, and said he should be reinstated as a sergeant, a rank lower than his previous rank of lieutenant. The commission also said DeShazer would not be entitled to any back pay for the year he was suspended.
Both DeShazer and the city attorney had 30 days to appeal, but neither filed appeals.

In a statement, the Civil Service Commission called DeShazer's comment "reprehensible" but said it decided to reinstate him based on three comparable discipline cases as well as the former Lieutenant's disciplinary history.

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