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Candidates Forum: Portland’s First African-American Female City Councilmember Race Talks:

Featuring Jo Ann Hardesty and Loretta Smith
Forum Moderator: Tricia Tillman, former Director of Multnomah County Public Health
6 p.m. doors; 7 p.m.
Race Talks: Opportunities for Dialogue presents
"Candidates Forum: Portland's First African-American Female City Councilmember"

Featuring Jo Ann Hardesty and Loretta Smith
Forum Moderator: Tricia Tillman, former Director of Multnomah County Public Health

Join Jo Ann Hardesty and Loretta Smith, candidates for Position 3 on Portland's City Council, for a forum featuring direct questions from the moderator to the candidates, followed by an audience Q & A. Gain insight into Smith and Hardesty, one of whom will be the first African-American female on Portland's City Council.

The audience will hear from the candidates and then have the opportunity to ask questions.

The Crystal Ballroom
1332 W. Burnside
Portland OR 97209

August 14th 2018
6 p.m. doors; 7 p.m. event
Minor with parent or guardian

Street parking is limited downtown, but there are numerous parking garages and bus services.




Tuesday, September 11, 2018
McMenamins Kennedy School

homepage: homepage: http://racetalkspdx.com/

Hardesty would just be awful 11.Aug.2018 08:23


A self described "Angry Black Woman", Hardesty would consider her constituents to be African Americans only. What she calls police accountability is a veiled agenda - she wants to basically eliminate the Police. If you've listened to her on KBOO, it's clear that virtually every subject she talks about is related to hatred of police. She implies that violent crimes committed by young men are because of lack of police accountability. I suggest you do not vote for Jo Ann Hardesty. She would make a lot noise on the council but would accomplish nothing and foment hatred.

Hardesty (sorry to have to say this but) is a joke. 11.Aug.2018 10:13


I listened to (endured?...) Hardesty for years on KBOO.

Transparent and shallow schtick, however well meaning and supposedly 'community activist' oriented she is.

She also spends a lot of time attacking, and otherwise "offering her criticism"/denigrating, the political opinions and strategies of a broad range of individuals and groups from all over the political spectrum. As though she's some sort of self-vaunted Queen Pundit expert authority on What REALLY Ought To Be Done. ( aka, What REALLY Is Going On In The World / How To REALLY View-Interpret Events. )

Arrogance, postulated by someone who, yes, has a lifetime of real-world experience (don't many of us others also, though?) but not a commensurate level of competence or realistic, coherent articulation to follow through.

I don't really care about what poster ^ 'Anon' above wrote about "eliminating the police" campaign (which itself demonstrates the cluelessness and out-in-the-weeds psychological state of Hardesty); that might ?, if properly enacted be a noble goal of some sort. Problem is, such a goal is ZERO percent realistic or achievable. She's also a hysterical proselytizer of Black Lives Matter (an activism dead-end), to such an extent as to the exclusion of and in greater priority to all other U.S. organized social movements. Yes she's _that_ deluded.

From what I've heard, for years duration, on KBOO alone Hardesty has permanently discredited herself as a person with any grounding in reality or practicality whatsoever.

I'd never cast a political office vote in her favor.

Ah yes 12.Aug.2018 06:34


Ah, out come the resident recists, Anon and _. Can always count on you both to hate on Africans.

"recists" [sic] — At least spell it 'Garth'. 12.Aug.2018 14:30


where ^ above did anything I said specifically refer to Hardesty's own gender, ethnicity *or* 'race'?

Oh and Garth the "race" shtick (as well as 'privilege') is a Moldy-old one. Get something new.

On Rhetoric And Strategy In Social Justice And Leftist Spaces
It is time to check privilege checking. The shift from 'consciousness-raising' to 'calling out,' for instance, reflects (and encourages) a loss of confidence in the capacity of people to learn about, understand and oppose forms of inequality that do not adversely impact them as individuals."


RE: "brown skinned people" — Garth has a long history. 27.Apr.2017 08:50
_ link

Garth, how many times a trollcharm?

Your 'racist subtext of these "theories"' has been wholly exposed and debunked here before:

Troll Garth has _absolutely NOTHING_ left 26.Dec.2015 14:29

RE: " Brown people are too stupid to have done this " 22.Feb.2015 18:53

Further to the " Brown people did / didn't / couldn't do it " 22.Feb.2015 19:25

" racist assumption that people with brown skin are too stupid to have done this " 28.Jul.2015 05:57

" Confused "
" racist tenant [sic] " 06.Dec.2015 05:50

(p.s.) "Africans." ?!!?! _w_t_f_ ..... 12.Aug.2018 14:36


now ^ *that* is outright racist, Garth —

(RE: "basically eliminate the Police") PDX Indymedia Archive Classix : 13.Aug.2018 01:38

check out discussions here -

Abolish The Police 20.Dec.2014 04:41
author: blues


Don't Get Rid Of Police, "Inner City African Americans" Need Them 21.Dec.2014 12:20
author: _

On a recent thread titled 'Abolish The Police'  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2014/12/428766.shtml

below this posted article one of the user comments, authored by a user calling themselves '87', asserted [quote]:

"A majority of calls made to the police are by inner city African Americans who need help. That is a fact."

The comment by '87' further asserted that the very idea of abolishing/getting rid of police was solely predicated on the idea that police "help the rich" (exclusively). i.e. the opposite of "abolishing" police, is keeping them around so that the police can "help the poor".

We would now like to obtain Portland Indymedia users' overall feedback on these remarks and assertions.

Please place your comments and analyses below, we look forward to see them.

racism behind the veiled comments 14.Aug.2018 12:26

Long time Reader

Garth ...you nailed it

go figure the portland indy troll "underscore" is in the middle of it stirring it and is promoting it

"Long time Reader /racism behind the veiled comments" 14.Aug.2018 16:29


"veiled comments" <— Wtf is that supposed to mean?  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2016/11/433786.shtml#448760

Anyway you're free to vote for Jo Ann Hardesty all day long. No one here is telling you not to.

and **** you "Long time Reader" ( QUOTE: "Garth ...you nailed it" FistBump of his TrollBuddy )for being a LIAR.

Everyone who bothers to post on Portland Indymedia in 2018 is trolling, nobody except Erasmus and Red X/Tracy can seem to even muster up coherent thoughts.

But as per its inception 20 years ago Indymedia is only as good as the persons who contribute to it.
If all that consists of, is Trolls / FacebookTwitter-style hit-and-run Trollbait then you are looking at the output.
for [No, No he isn't.]
for [No, No he isn't.] "Long time Reader"

Who caress what the Indy troll thinks 15.Aug.2018 07:48

Changing Shirts

Why in the hell is anyone listening to underscore when the point of this posted article was to let people know you could hear these two ladies talk about what they are doing. Besides the fact underscore trolls this site and tries to dominate "all" the conversations, this post has nothing to do with his/her opinion.

So to be absolutely clear this event announcement article has nothing to do with underscores ignorance or rants or whacked off opinions.

The irony is that these ladies are on their feet doing good things in the community and all underscore has ever done is shoot his mouth off endlessly on Indymedia. It's pitiful. The fact these two ladies are "involved" and the article is about them, naturally a troll has to jump in and derail the message

Underscore is out here undermining people who are active in our community.

"underscores ignorance or rants or whacked off opinions" — 15.Aug.2018 11:45


Someone posted this "announcement" to the Newswire,

I provided my impression of Hardesty (I know nothing of Smith) AND boo-****ing-hoo YOU DIDN'T LIKE IT.

after having for years heard her on KBOO, *ACKNOWLEDGED* (^^^^READ what I wrote) that she has been "on her feet doing good things in the community".... but my overall conclusion is — SPEAKING SOLELY ON BEHALF OF MYSELF — that I'd never cast a vote for political office in favor of her.

"naturally a troll has to jump in and derail the message"

Such as 12.Aug.2018 06:34 Garth "recists" / "Africans"[<---- WHAT IN THE actual F**k.]

14.Aug.2018 16:29 "Long time Reader/ veiled comments" <— more Wtf

"you could hear these two ladies talk about what they are doing"

did ANYONE actually ^^do this?
any reports / recordings / videos from the talk?

If that is the case then provide it. Knock it off with the TrollAdHominemFingerPointingNAMECalling.