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The World Order That's Now Emerging


The Post-World-War-II world order was dominated by the one WWII major combatant that had only 0.32% of its population (the lowest percentage) killed by the war: the United States. The Soviet Union's comparable number killed by the war  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_War_II_casualties was the highest — it was 13.7% — 42.8 times higher than America's. The US was the main force that defeated Japan and so won WWII in Asia. The USSR, however, was the main force that defeated Germany and so won WWII in Europe. The USSR suffered vastly more than did the US to achieve its victory. In addition to suffering 42.8 times the number of war-deaths than did US, the USSR's financial expenditures invested in the conflict, as calculated by Jan Ludvik, were 4.8 times higher than were America's financial expenditures on the war.

Thus, at the war's end, the Soviet Union was exhausted and in a much weaker condition than it had been before the war. By contrast, the US, having had none of the war's battles occurring on its territory, was (by comparison) barely even scratched by the war, and it was thus clearly and overwhelmingly the new and dominant world-power emerging from the war.

That was the actual situation in 1945.
The US Government did not sit on its haunches with its enormous post-war advantage, but invested wisely in order to expand it. One of the first investments the US made after the war was the Marshall Plan to rebuild the European countries that had now become the US aristocracy's vassal-states. The heavily damaged USSR possessed no such extra cash to invest in (rebuilding) its vassals. Furthermore, the USSR's communist regime was additionally hobbled by Karl Marx's labor theory of value, which produced prices that contained no useful information about demand and thus no constructive information for planners. (Planning is essential regardless whether an enterprise is private or public.) Thus, the USSR was doomed to lose in its economic competition with The West, so that the Cold War was actually a losing proposition for them, from the very start of the post-war era. America's post-WW-II dominance, combined with Marx's crippling economic theory, and produced the exodus of East Europeans to The West.

America's aristocracy thus increasingly rose on top internationally. Like any aristocracy, the American aristocracy's main concerns were foreign trade, and so US international corporations increasingly expanded even at the expense of the corporations owned by its competing, now-vassal, aristocracies, and the US aristocracy's corporations and brands thus came to dominate the entire capitalist sphere. The growth-bug, if it becomes an addiction, is itself a disease. Out of control, it is a cancer, which can destroy the organism. This is what happened in America. Conquering also the communist sphere was the US aristocracy's long-term goal, so that they would ultimately dominate every nation, the entire world. By the time of 1980, the US aristocracy's top goal (world domination) became also the US Government's top goal. The cancer had spread to the culture's brain. Growth, backed by "Greed is good" economics, became practically the American religion, viewed as patriotic, and not merely as the nation's economic model (which was bad enough, with its increasingly imperialistic thrust — such as 2003 Iraq, 2011 Libya, 2012 - Syria, 2014 Ukraine, 2016 - Yemen, and maybe now Iran).

America's unchallengeable dominance lasted from then till now, but clearly has now reached near its end. The United States is trying to restore its post-Soviet (post-1991) global supremacy, by intensifying the US regime's secret war against Russia and its allies, which started on the night of 24 February 1990 and which could reach a crescendo soon in WWIII unless something will be done by America's allies to force the by-now wildly flailing US aristocracy to accept peacefully the end of the American aristocracy's hegemony — the termination of their, until recently, unchallengeable control over the world. By now, with the Soviet Union and its communism and its Warsaw Pact mirror of America's NATO military alliance gone since 1991 and yet no peace-dividend but only ever-increasing wealth-concentration into the tiny number of billionaires who benefit from war weaponry-sales and conquests, America needs to abandon its addiction to growth, or else it will proceed forward on its current path, to WWIII. That's its current path.

According to Josh Rogin in the Washington Post on November 14th, US Vice President Mike Pence had just said, as Rogin phrased it, that "the United States has no intention of ceding influence or control over the [Pacific] region to Beijing" and that if China won't do everything that the US demands, then the US is fully prepared to force China to obey. The same newspaper had earlier presented Robert D. Kaplan, on October 9th, saying, "The United States must face up to an important fact: the western Pacific is no longer a unipolar American naval lake, as it was for decades after World War II. The return of China to the status of great power ensures a more complicated multipolar situation. The United States must make at least some room for Chinese air and naval power in the Indo-Pacific region." But the US regime is now making clear that it won't do that.

The US regime appears to be determined to coerce both Russia and China to comply with all American demands. With both of those countries, as with Iran, the US regime is now threatening hot war. Trump, as the "deal-maker," is offering no concessions, but only demands, which must be complied with, or else. The United States is threatening WWIII. But what nations will be America's allies, this time around? If many European nations abandon the US, then what?

Key for the US regime is keeping the US dollar as the world's reserve currency.

Rockefeller Capital Management, Global Foresight, Third Quarter 2018 presents Jimmy Chang, Chief Investment Strategist, headlining "Nothing Trumps the Dollar, Yet". He writes: "The reserve currency status gives the US a significant advantage in handling its finances. American economist Barry Eichengreen observed that it cost only a few cents for the US to print a $100 bill, but other countries would need to produce $100 of actual goods or services to obtain that $100 bill. The world's need for the greenback allows the US to issue debt in its own currency at very low interest rates. French Finance Minister Val้ry Giscard d'Estaing, who later became the president, coined [in 1965] the term 'exorbitant privilege' to describe America's advantage" of the US dollar over any other nation's currency. That "exorbitant advantage" never went away. Chang concludes: "As for the King Dollar, its short-term outlook appears robust." However, few other observers now share that view. Increasing numbers of countries are pricing goods in other currencies, and China's yuan and the EU's euro are especially significant contenders to end dollar-dominance and to end the advantages that US-based international corporations enjoy from dollar-dominance.

Other than dollar-dominance, the key barrier to world peace is NATO, the military alliance of the northern aggressor-nations. Proposals have been put forth for the EU to have its own army, which initially would be allied with NATO (i.e., with the US regime). On November 17th, Russian Television bannered "EU army: Will it be easy for Europe to get rid of American political diktat?" and pointed to the US vassal-nations that would be especially likely to stay in NATO: UK, Poland, Netherlands, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. Perhaps the other EU nations and Russia could form their own military alliance, which will formally be committed to the independence of those US vassal-nations, and which will welcome individual peace-treaties with each of them, so as to indicate that aggression is only the US regime's way, and thus to lay the groundwork for peace instead of war, going forward. Clearly, the people who control the US are addicted to invasions and coups ("regime-change"s), instead of to respecting the sovereignty of each nation and the right of self-determination of people everywhere. America's conquest-addiction threatens, actually, every other nation.

Perhaps a reformed and truly independent EU can provide the new reserve currency, and also in other ways the foundation for global peace between nations. NATO will be irrevocably opposed to this, but it could happen. And if and when it does, it might tame the aristocratic beast that rides the American warfare state, but this isn't likely to happen anytime soon. A step forward toward it is the courageous statement by "The Saker" at the American news-commentary site, Unz dot com, on November 15th, "Thanking Vets for Their 'Service' - Why?" He boldly notes that after World War II, all US invasions have been criminal, and that it's a remarkably long string of evil — and this doesn't even include the many coups, which have likewise destroyed some nations.

Nationalism is just as evil in today's America as it was in Hitler's Germany. It is hostile to people in any other nation. It demands conquest. And wherever nationalism rules, patriotism dies and is replaced by nationalism.

Only by restoring patriotism and eliminating nationalism can WWIII be avoided. Ending dollar-dominance is part of the path toward an internationally peaceful world that focuses more on serving the public's needs and less on serving the aristocrats' cravings. But ending NATO is also necessary.

Either these things will be done, or there will be WWIII.

homepage: homepage: http://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2018/11/19/world-order-that-now-emerging.html

I Agree with Almost All of this Article ... 23.Nov.2018 21:25

Tracy Mapes

...with the exception of Nationalism. And even go further to Support Capitalism in a controlled environment.

There are many more forces on this Earth than strictly Military to be concerned with.

The New World Order - for lack of a reasonable identifier for World based organized crime, has very specific goals to destroy cultural relevance, and includes what they see as barriers to Centralized Authoritarian Totalitarianism in the control of all Earthly processes, be they Human or Resource.

This requires the destruction of the safety vessels of Nationalism, Patriotism, Religion, Hero Worship, Idolatry, Personal Control of Finance, Family Matters, Race, Culture, and Ultimately, Identity.

They, while being the cancer, as you stated, view the World Population as the disease, even though the population increases and abuses of Social Security, Welfare, and National Debt. with unabashed, ruthless capitalistic competition being the direct cause of the rise in Human Activity, Mis-Management, and Destructive Use of Natural Resources; they would like to Depopulate, Dis-Arm, Circumcise and Sterilize the World as we know it.


Stop thinking of Democratic/Communistic Control Models and turn toward the Offshore Business Tax Shelter entities being the Primary Stake Holders. We need to Shut Them Down 100%!

Haliburton, KBR in UAE, combined with all of the predatory Banking, Insurance, and Credit Industries being the Primary Enemies of Mankind.

They think that Success is What Brought them to the Top, and they deserve to live, because they brought such wealth and productivity to the World, when in fact, their Success is Exactly what created the situation we are in now in the first place.


I believe in Nationalism as Saftey Barrier for all Nations, in both internal and external Security of the People, Sovereignty and Cultural Diversity of the People. The Problem with America, is that Idea has been turned against the very People it was to serve, in the Hands of Criminals.

I still believe in the Ideals of the American Flag, The Constitution, The Pledge of Allegiance, and Carry a Piece of Each of Them every time I Bomb a new location with "Leaflets" to expose the Criminal Nature of how they achieve such precise control over a society.

I Still believe We as a People Could turn this Ship Around, but we are inundated with the Educated Smartphone User that has no ability to think for themselves anymore.

Tracy Mapes
-The Red 'X' Society

Please! Reprint, Re-Distribute, or Telephone Bank to All FAX MACHINES!

Eric Zuesse is a partisan hack.... 27.Nov.2018 19:53


"partisan hack" / Russia Insider ? 28.Nov.2018 00:01


what do ^ these have to do with Each Other,

and further what does Zuesse (who is published at multiple online venues, NOT MERELY A SINGLE ONE) have to do with either?

"partisan" as in U.S. political party, or armed insurgent?

Please back up criticism with information 28.Nov.2018 22:41


If this is the same Eric producing Russian propaganda (it seems there's only one journalist named Zuesse) than I think that would prove this is a little heavy on rhetoric.

Partisan as an adjective means prejudiced. If he's producing news for brand new media corporation specifically this project in Russia he looks like he practicing 'kompromat' in English in the states on the side. Kompromat being the new theme of global propaganda, historically used to to provide compromising sometimes forged information against an individual in this case the individual is America.

indeed, "aeotaerora" Please back up criticism with information : 29.Nov.2018 17:46


Instead of baseless, vague assertions with no factual backing.

"If he's producing news for brand new media corporation specifically this project in Russia he looks like he practicing 'kompromat' "

being ^ your operational word.

You have evidence? That the journalist named Eric Zuesse either :

1) works regularly on a paid basis for Russia-based news corporations
2) specifically espouses Russian-paradigm news articles and topic

Please provide the EVIDENCE for your vague unproven assertions.

You, "aeotaerora" were the one who initially VAGUELY commented 27.Nov.2018 19:53 with a link to
Wikipedia page (about a publication named 'Russia Insider')
along with the words: [QUOTE :] "Here's proof"

Wikipedia's page on the publication 'Russia Insider' makes no mention of Eric Zuesse.

Then, when specifically asked to provide explanation and further evidence of what
1. "partisan hack" (aeotaerora's inserted term which he still has not defined clearly, in reference to
2. Eric Zuesse
3. the publication called 'Russia Insider'

have to do with each other you respond with the 28.Nov.2018 22:41 —

"If this is the same Eric producing Russian propaganda"
" If he's producing news for brand new media corporation"

Many journalists have produced news for non-U.S. corporate outlets, some based in Venezuela, Brazil and other places

Finally, none of your baseless assertions and allusions have anything whatsoever to do with the topic of *this* Zuesse-penned article, which is about post-Obama-era global geopolitics.

"aeotaerora" : Please cease and desist using our oxygen and bandwidth.

Ready for President Pelosi? 12.Dec.2018 11:40

Thom Hartmann marc1seed@yahoo.com


Ready for President Pelosi? Trump and Pence could both go down in unprecedented impeachment

Thom Hartmann, Independent Media Institute - COMMENTARY

So, now that we know that Donald Trump and Mike Pence reached the White House through at least two specific and separate criminal conspiracies, what do we do about it?

Can they be removed from office? Can the election be done over? Can the Trump/Pence administration's actions over the past two years be reversed, particularly the appointments of Gorsuch and Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court and all the damage to our federal agencies?

According to federal court filings last week from the Southern District of New York, and from the Special Counsel's office, Donald Trump and Michael Cohen criminally conspired to hide from the American people the fact that Trump had sexual relations immediately after the birth of his son Baron with both Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, and that his affair with McDougal lasted about a year.

Had Republican voters known about those affairs long before Trump gained the momentum he did during the period of the cover-up, Trump wouldn't have become the GOP's nominee and would now be back to playing the roles of a faux billionaire and a reality TV star.